Is Terror here to stay?

Is Terror going to stick around. Basically is it worth farming for terror anointed gear. In a world of limited inventory space I must choose wisely. If after the event ends no more skulls are spawning therefore no more terror will be applied, won’t a lot of the loot be worthless.

I am aware there some crazy feedback / synergy with gear that gives you terror and then other gear that gets buffed by terror or consumes terror. But after the week are they going to delete the weapons? I doubt they will do this but theres still the possibility they nerf the mechanic into the ground even if the gear sticks around.

So is it only worth getting the gear if you find a grenade that gives you the + terror stacks?

Yes, you keep your gear. But the only way to get terror will be with anointed things

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So I got one of the shields that constantly applies terror on action skill use. But is the terror procs and then the anointment really better than just bonus fire/cryo/corrosive damage anointment?

Then you still get bonus damage without less accuracy. I guess the idea is its easier to proc than using your action skill continuously. Although two magazines can last a long time on a lucians call. I’m also not sure if the firerate buffs come out to more than 50% raw damage.