Is the 30% IB shield annointment still in the game?

Juat realized I haven’t seen a shield drop with this annointment since level 50…I had a ton of level 50 shields in my bank .

Did GBX quietly remove it ? Anyone actually got a level 57 one to drop ?

Would REALLY love an incendiary Old God with this annointment on it but I dont see it on ANY shields that drop

Yes it is, I have gotten a lot of them level 57.

got several Torches with it while playing through the DLC, and was able to get replacements for my BBB and Downer as well.

Awesome good to know! Anyone actually got an Old God with one to drop?

I might have one… I’ll check my bank when I’m back on sanctuary…

Thanks man. Before farming I waht to make sure it’s even possible

I have a couple Old God with the anointment, 100% possible drop.

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Who dropped it for you ?

Random enemies in the DLC. I think I have 3 with that anointment. And countless without the anointment have dropped.


If you have one with incendiary bonus I’ll trade you ?

I don’t have a fire one yet. Been looking for each element to give some builds a try. If I come across one I can send one your way assuming you’re on pc.

Whoops. Ps4 .

Your awesome for offering though thanks man

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Ahh yeah sorry, haven’t touched my ps4 version since February.

Have you seen an old god shield at all bud?
I’m on PS4 and I’ve not had a single one drop. Starting to think it’s possibly bugged.

Ive had one but no idea when or where I got it. I thought it was a quest reward and didnt care until much later. Traded it away for a fire one

But besides that , I’ve NEVER been able to get one

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In my experience It seems to be a rare drop from empowered Gawn ( mountain boss) I only managed to got several old god this way never seen a single one as world drop (ps4)

btw is this good for Ib build does it even work?
I d say it sucks for the cooldown despite the anoint I have a Thicc shield non anointed I think it is better?

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It won’t be terrible but you’d be better off with a Sitorak or BBB with health parts.

@olivier_shady reason being, I don’t think rough riders count as full for topped off guardian perk.

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Oh that one. I see that anointment often. I thought the op meant increased 30% shield :rofl: