Is the big game hunt supposed to be hard as donk?

So I finished the story on normal, and started playing back through on TVHM, but then I was like “hey I wanna do something new”, so I loaded up Hunters Grotto. Well I made it to the lodge, and set out to protect Hammerlock, and holy ■■■■! I was bum rushed by a lightning witch doctor who kept chasing me away so I couldnt get to the subordinates and before I could kill them he had leveled them up to 43 and im only level 40, and basically they just dominated me.
Is this just something better played in a group cause jesus christ that wasnt fun at all.

Yeah, in my opinion, Hammerlock’s is the most difficult of any DLC outside the Peak. Who are you playing as? That could help us figure out some strategies for dealing with the tougher enemies you’re seeing.

You have to prioritize the Witch Doctor for precisely the reason you mention. I didn’t think it was that bad in TVHM, but I’d watched the gameplay trailer and knew about the levelling mechanic ahead of time. Once you get in the groove though it’s actually pretty fun!

Question though: did you start it up while in TVHM or NVHM? Both Hammerlock and Tina scale to 35 in NVHM, but the enemy health and damage won’t be as ramped up as in TVHM. If you’re close to level 30 still, it might be better to drop into NVHM to do one of the DLCs. That said, it’s totally possible to wreck the doctors. One thing is figuring out best attack - make sure you use an appropriate element, because each type of WD has a specific elemental focus. (Fire, Shock, Slag, …) One of them even has a life steal beam.

Im playing as zero, and I have almost no nodes on my sniper or melee tree upgraded. I am pretty ignorant about this game and didnt realize once I had completed normal that I wouldnt be able to keep maxing my deception tree, I also didnt realize I was going to have to start all over running the same story line three times so these were both rude awakenings.
I was going to farm the bunker for a sham, but when I tried to load up thousand cuts, it aint there, and I really dont want to run all this story again, thus trying some DLC, I completed COC, and that was pretty fun, just wasnt expecting the big ramp up of difficulty in BGH.

Ouch! You can respec at a Quick Change station if you need to, so you can switch things around a bit. I prefer hybrid gun-melee Zer0, although my second run at the character has focussed solidly on sniper for NVHM.

The first two DLCs cap at level 30 in NVHM, while the last two have a minimum of 30 and cap at level 35. Those extra levels are why you’re finding Hammerlock harder. There’s some additional information you may find helpful at the end of this post:

That surprises me. If you’re in NVHM and you’ve completed main story, then all you should need to do is save-quit-restart, run up through Thousand Cuts to the Bunker, and fight the thing. Note that Bunker doesn’t spawn in until you hit the point on the path level with the elevator that goes down to the control core (now disabled).

I think I have some spare level 30 gear, and may have some spare Zer0 stuff. I’ll be on this evening if you want to get some help and grab some gear. GT: Alkymist96 - look for me some time between 6 and 7 pm eastern time.

Yea see thats the problem is im on TVHM, i was wanting to get a shield that dropped around 40, and I assumed that because I had completed the story once that all these areas were opened and would stay opened, but nope. So now I have to run the story all over again just to be able to farm that shield which sucks. I just wish stuff were explained a little better in this game, for instance why does a “seraph” gun say VLADOF? Is Seraph a certain type of gun like a slag weapon that is just produced by the vladof company?

If you go to the character select screen at the game’s main menu (hit Y) and select your character, you can then pick which mode to play on. Meaning you could drop back down to Normal to farm a Sham if you really wanted to.

As far as the Seraph thing, the term Seraph refers to the rarity of the weapon (pink, in the case of BL2). It’s the same as common, uncommon, rare, legendary, etc. They can be produced by any company.

Seraph is a rarity. There’s the original order (white, green, blue, purple, e-tech, legendary), then Pearlescent, then Seraph. Seraph items were added with the DLCs - each raid boss can drop seraph crystals (in UVHM only) which can then be used to buy items at Seraph vendors. It’s sort of a cross between Torgue tokens and Crazy Earl’s. I know there’s not much in-game explanation, but if you check the announcement trailers for the various DLCs you’ll see this stuff introduced there.

Re. the Sham shield: I wouldn’t worry too much about farming for this until you’ve completed the second play-through, when everything scales to level 50. There are plenty of other shields to be had. I’ll even make do with a white shield while levelling if it does the job!

I remember my first time playing through BGH, it was pretty hard.
If you need a hand flick me a message at my GT