Is the borderlands timeline broken

Wait if I remember this correctly then this is a sequel to borderlands 1 but a prequel to borderlands 2, slightly spoiling borderlands, then wouldn’t jack have known that the vault hunters were the ones that he was manipulating or if I’m wrong and it’s before the whole thing then why is there no Hyperion base on the moon during the first game, does the game never explain this if it is between 1 & 2

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I guess he was aware, that Roland and Lilith were the vault hunters he manipulated, as he easily identified them on the dance-floor @ moxxis bar.
The Helios isn´t build yet in BL1. They are only manipulated by Angel through the satellite, seen at the end of the first game. It was send there to observe Pandora secretly by Jack without his higher-ups knowledge. After they found the Eridium on Pandora, that was released from the first vault, they began to build the space-station to secure their profit.

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Borderlands is a little inconsistent.

It’s mostly irrelevant, but the example that stands out to me is Moxxi, Jack, and Mordecai.

Mordecai: You know who Moxxi left me for? Huh? Jack!
Moxxi: Hey! Until he set all those people on fire, Jack seemed like a pretty decent guy.

Skip to TPS, and by the time you arrive in Concordia Moxxi and Jack don’t seem to be on bad terms, despite already being exes. And at this point in the story, Jack isn’t very far down the slippery slope to becoming the villain of BL2. So it’s probably safe to say that he hasn’t, at least maliciously, at this point set anybody on fire.

Also from BL2
Moxxi: Hah! I haven’t seen Jack this angry since I kicked his plastic surgery ass to the curb.

Now she could be referring to how Jack is at that moment. But it could also imply that he already had the mask when they were dating.

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Moxxi Jack relationship is definitely between BL1 and the PreSequel.

These statements definitely seem to refer to the Jack after PreSequel:
“he was a pretty ok guy before he set those people on fire” (probably refering to underdome)
“plastic surgery face to the curb” (his face hasn’t necessarily undergone plastic surgery yet when she broke up with him. that’s fine)

And that’s fine. She broke up with Jack because he set the underdome on fire because he thought Moxxi was cheating on him. In BL2 she can talk about any version of him she wants to.

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The Helios space station can be seen from Tartarus Station in the Robolution DLC for BL1 (but not in anything before that), so it was built I would guesstimate 2-3 years after the events of BL1, presumably TPS took place shortly after.


I’ll have to go check that out.