Is the Cracked Sash any good on Brick?

I feel like it would work well if you spec in to Pay Back and Unbreakable. Does anyone know if its a viable shield when using those skills?

…new to Brick here: am curious too.

It can be used, but I do not recommend it due to the very bad shield capacity. If you are using the Brawler tree, then Unbreakable does not work while using Berserk, so I will focus on a Blaster build for the sake of the topic.

Unbreakable works best with shields that have good capacity, especially given its multiplicative return with Safeguard. Not only that, but whenever Unbreakable triggers it is very likely you also took some health damage. It is extraordinarily difficult to recommend anything other than a Tediore Panacea shield because the health regeneration will ensure your reserves will get topped off again while Unbreakable is working. Berserk is best kept for dire emergency healing and nothing more. With the Cracked Sash you will find it much more difficult to keep healthy.

Payback is good emergency offense, but not anything that should be geared around. If you like very quick recharging shields, then a Tediore Panacea with an AWE body will serve you better than a Cracked Sash ever will. OS bodies provide an excellent blend of recharge delay and rate with capacity.

Failing that, a Wee Wee’s Super Booster is substantially better than the Cracked Sash.

Gun Brick is so tanky that all he really needs out of his shield is healing and parts that increase recharge rate and reduce delay time since those are things his skills do not improve. Even a green Panacea will get the job done quite well.


Thanks so much