Is the Deathrattle relic bugged or something? (Designer's cut Arm's Race relic)

I been testing this relic’s mechanic over and over when I first found out about it and got it to drop for me. The fire rate and damage bonus works buuuut…I think there’s something wrong in the text about what it does. That or misleading.

You see it states “Instead of dying, get one automatic second wind. Resets on death when Deathrattle is equipped.” The good news is the first part of that is true buuut the second part isn’t exactly. When I tried to see if it would give me another free second wind after killing myself or even letting enemies kill me. It didn’t reset at all when I respawned and repeated the process.

I thought it might have a cooldown so I waited 60 seconds or more but it still didn’t proc so I guess that rumor was incorrect. I thought maybe taking it off and putting it back on would reset still never worked. The whole reset part is incorrect basically. It doesn’t reset. IN FACT the only time it reseted for me was when I fast travel to a whole new map. I thought this might be a bug or something but after testing for three days I think it’s either bugged or there was a mistake in the text I guess. That or I’m missing something.

At least the bonuses are working and they proc on EVERY second wind regardless what it is. I tested that as well. I think the relic is amazing and fits my risk and reward playstyle I just wish the text on the bottom wasn’t acting up like this. I hope this is a bug and that it gets fixed soon.

(ALSO NOTE: There was a rumor about it stacking fire rate and damage every time you go down and get a second wind. NO. It does not however if it had. THIS THING WOULD OF BEEN EVEN MORE AMAZING) I absolutely love this relic. This relic was enough to make me finally put down all my slam relics. Try it in your build sometime if you haven’t it’s really fun. (My Torgue shotgun paired with this is just hitting high blast radius with at better fire rate plus damage I LOVE IT AND PRAISE IT!)

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