Is the demo still live?

Is anything going on with this? I see that it’s died down and there is some kind of installation error being reported by Steam?

Also getting the error

The demo isn’t live. It was a timed period in 2017 and will give errors because it’s disconnected now.

Nothing has been announced about the project.

This was October 2017

There was an update on the subreddit indicating that Devs had said that round 2 was happening this month though, that may have caused confusion.

Strange, nothing has been said over here as far as I’m aware.

After digging around, devs have said CTT2 (Closed Technical Test 2) will be happening end of june for Player’s Council only atm. Reddit peeps posted discord stuff with little context, actual discord has dev confirmations.

Apparently you can sign up for CTT2 now via the website and link your shift account, but still waiting for actual playable CTT2.

This is just what I’ve found so any info is taken with a grain of salt.

I’ve asked the community manager to shed a bit of light on this because, while I’m not on that discord nor do I use reddit, this is the first I’ve heard of it.

It may be something gradually rolled out that shouldn’t have been mentioned elsewhere, and whoever did it breached an NDA. It could be just a slight oversight with E3 and its associated humdrum having been a big thing for Gearbox Software.

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The second Closed Technical Test has been postponed. We should have a better idea of time-frame soon. :slight_smile:

There is a public FAQ with all the important details:

There’s also a Discord link, where you can find latest announcements about the test.


Unfortunately, we are not allowing streaming or videos featuring gameplay during the Project 1v1 CTT. Additionally, no screenshots may be taken during the CTT.

…also, check if there isn’t any update on Steam :wink:

I just received an invite to the new closed technical test today. I’m guessing this is the round two you’ve been waiting for? I was not involved in the first test. Downloading the Beta as I type.


Downloaded the demo and made an account, but it’s taking a really long time to log in.
Is the Alpha still up, or is it still unavailable?

It’s working for me right now.

I got the email today “ Project 1v1 is back with a newly updated Closed Technical Test*!

Project 1v1 is a competitive, one on one, fast-paced, first-person shooter. In this modern deathmatch game, you’ll collect weapon and ability cards, create your own custom deck, and use that deck to rank up through the Contenders circuit.”