Is the Director's Cut worth it for story missions?

So I play these games mostly for the story missions and I also play solo. So those raids and arena type of missions are not really my thing.

Really enjoyed the story DLCs for Borderlands 3, and I heard that the Director’s Cut has story content too. But how much is there and is it worth it for me? It’s also in the sale on Xbox I see now. Season Pass 2 is now 20 bucks.

And are things like Arms Race cool?

Arms race is really cool. What I like is that you have a clean inventory and you can pickup random weapons, and each match lasts like 20-30 mins. At first I didn’t like it, but now I’m really liking it.

As for the Directors cut missions= its +1 mission per planet. each of them like 20 minutes long. It’s really up to you. It’s nothing groundbreaking, “more of the same” stuff.

Each of the existing planets gets a new quest? Is that the Ava quest?

yes Ava quests, each planet=the original ones (Promethea, Eden6, Pandora, Nekro)

And it works like: once you get to that planet in the story there will be a new mission available in sanctuary which will send you down to the planet where you need to locate the entrance to the new location on an already existing map.

Arms race gets stale really fast (or you have to love running the same map over and over) it does have the best weapon in the game (plasmacoil) and some other decent gear

Ava’s quest… Pretty short… It does contain the best shield in the game (revolter) and some other good gear. Don’t expect any SP1 level of content.

I was bored with the game, bought SP2 and was bored again 3 days later.


yeah, I played Arms race for like 3 hours at day1, but now I really got addicted to it. Doing 1-2 runs each day. I love it :slight_smile: Maybe its that its just a short 20-30 min run and thats it.

Then again I’m not saying that DLC5 arms race is a content rich stuff. It’s fun and all, but you get much less than in the first 4 DLCs.

Solid No.


I bought it because, well, I buy all the Borderlands stuff.
But not much to it. Nothing compelling story-wise, and Ava’s missions go by pretty quickly. Arms Race isn’t interesting to me, not my style of thing.

To your initial question, I don’t think the added content is large enough to pay for for normal people (i.e., not BL psychos like me).


Honestly, for the new character models you would have to pay $79.94 to get them outside of Season Pass 2 so for that alone the savings is a plus.

The Ava Murder Mysteries amounts to four Headhunter Packs, so $20 is a fair price.

Arms Race feels like another spin on Trials and Takedowns.

The new skill trees do give a little novelty to playing your character, though there are bugs etc.

It’s definitely worth $20 to play the new maps, use the new skills, loot, cosmetics, and loot. The added lore is welcome.

I wish the soundtracks were included in the purchase price - the Promethea map (Eschaton Row) is a particular favourite.


Sadly out side of arms race .It is mainly just some more damage control on ava to try and get people to hate her less.


20-30 mins? That is LONG!
My games last 3-10minutes. Depending how the ring moves, if I see it will move stupid directions I just go clean one chest and then head to the boss.

I like it, fun, but I do like Apex BR so… But if you want story, there is none in there, so… /shrug