Is the Distribution of OPs inside the Chests random or fixed?

I really felt like I looked through the whole stage but found only 7 / 10. I missed an secondary objective because i used my shards for gear, so I got out with only 37 Points.

I only played once, but as I saw it I always thought “That’s easy to overlook… must have an OP inside.” And it was Just like that.

Can someone with more plays verify if its random or not?

Cause if it is, the 100 OP score will be random as well.

Opening chests to get single ops points… I’ve found that to be a waste of time.
Every time you complete the whole ops mission, your base ops points is increased by 5. Best way to get the 100 OP score is to just keep playing the mission over and over.

But as far as I know 50 is the max Starting bonus, if I want to reach 100 I’ll have to get all of them

50 as start bonus and 50 through gameplay, I don’t think it is doable any other way.

Whats why I’m worried if it really is random… cause I didn’t get the 10 I should have, although I tried to find all chests.

Saying they’re fixed would be good, since once you know where they are its easy to get them.

There’s a few posts about this in a different thread. This is germane:

Looks like you can miss out on the 10 in the chests even if you find all 10 chests (which is IMO a bad thing.)

From my impressions it feels like there are ~30+ spawn points for chests.

In any playthrough, maybe 20 chests will actually spawn.

Out of these 20, 10 random ones will contain the ops point.

the OPS points have fixed chests attached to them. whenever that chest spawns there will be an OPS point in it. However there are more than 10 locations for the chests to spawn so you have to figure out all the locations and check them off per play through.


Guys… we need a location Guide ASAP.


Or maybe we havent found every single chest??

Did you know in the algorythm after beating barbara(the first mini boss) in the room with closed doors where you need to stand in the jumpath? To open, there are two chest avobe the… Something, and only few battleborn can get there?

Every single run i did in public 0% knew there was a chest.

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I think a good part of the fun is exploring and finding all of these hidden items


Yes, this!

It is random which ones do spawn, but 10 OP point chests will always spawn, so don’t worry guys, you can always get the maximum amount of points possible for the reward tier you’re on. As long as you also manage to complete the main objectives, that is.

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I’ve managed to find some spawn locations for these chests. Uploaded a few screenshots here.


There are never chests wirh OP in the final area, there you fight Aria right?

All 10 / 10 are hidden before that… hopefully.

Yes! So if you’re at Arias door and notice you only have, say 92 instead of 95 OPS points, you know that you’re missing 3 and need to go pack and collect them - and you have as much time as the server session is still on!

thats not true I have only found 9 now on 12 runs unless there is one i miss each time and i have run out the clock looking now 3 times

You are missing one, then. Once I started looking for them, I’ve always got 10 boxes. Maybe wait for a guide to show all the places for the loot boxes (I’m too lazy to do one, sorry… :sweat_smile:)
or just keep searching for them!
(I also kept missing 2 points at first, by the way!)

Maybe Loonacys post above will help, they have a bunch of screenshots of OPS box locations.

[quote=“loonacy, post:11, topic:1548330, full:true”]I’ve managed to find some spawn locations for these chests. Uploaded a few screenshots here.
Thanks a lot, got mine 10!

I’m sure they are there… sometimes it really is just incredible that you overlook one of them, you want to bang your head against a wall when you finslly find it.

Having a team mate makes it easier, the playthroughs I head with my best bud always ended in a at least 5 minute long search fir the last point, but we always found it.

As far as I can tell there was never a Single OP in the last Area… it would be a stupid move, as you couldn’t go back to find any missing ones outside and if you could find 1 or 2 if them there, you might go in without getting all of them…

No that would really be bad. Keep looking, after a while you will now where the OP points spawn. I already know a majority by heart.

Oh man I hate these damn Suicide Bots… if that challenge comes and you don’t have a character with good terretorial Skills you will most likely fail.

I don’t like that at all, since they run at full speed ignoring you. Even if you shoot them they just run to that beacon…

Stand in front of the beacon and quick melee them away. It throws them a safe distance away from the beacon and drops their HP to about 20%.

I’m pretty sure I heard Nova say that you can get up to 60 OP points to start off with, which would be a total of 12 games played, then you play thru the DLC and can achieve 50 additional points. 110 total.