Is the "Early Adopter" pack platform-specific or universal?

I’m very much looking forwards to the launch of Borderlands 3, I’ve been a huge fan of the series since the first game. I’m planning to pre-order the game if possible, and I noticed the description of the Early Adopter pack says the following:

Log in to SHiFT and play Borderlands 3 within 14 days of its release; your Early Adopter Pack will show up in your in-game inventory.

My question is, if I wait to play the game until it comes out on Steam, will the ‘14 days of its release’ apply to that release date as well? Or is it strictly the 14 days between September 13th and September 27th?

Apologies if this question has been raised and answered elsewhere, I couldn’t find the info myself.

That info is not available because it hasn’t been announced. Certainly on console and Epic it’s likely to be just the initial 14 days. Hopefully more details will be released as we get closer to Sept. 13th.

Makes sense, thank you very much!