Is the eridium gun just a funny gimick?

I got it sitting in my inventory and recently have crossed the treshold of eridium that makes a cost of 10 per “shot” affordable so I gave it a shot ^^

I invested 150 Eridium bars and splattered the sanctuary bridge with 150 guns on TVHM M2 at lv 50.

I had THREE purples, FOUR blues and the rest were greens.

I am not sure if this gun is designed to leech thousands of eridium out of the game and my “research sample” was just too small but based on the eridium I was willing to spend my verdict is that this gun is a gimick with zero return value.

I wasnt expecting purple and orange explosions but to be honest I was expecting at least ONE legendary gun and a whole lot more color to show up (a sea of greens with a sprinkle of blues and purples…laughs)

So…what are the experiences other people have with this?

i only use it to generate money for my new characters :>


my objection to the eridium gun is that I can’t remove it from my backpack :frowning:

You can. I have it hanging on my wall on the Sanctuary. You can also sell it.



Young Grasshopper, I spent 2000 Eridium on that worthless gimmick and never seen an orange, seen roughly 10 purples, and gave enough blue and green guns to complete fund Atlas’ war against Maliwan 6 times over.



Complete waste of inventory space and currency?



The gun doesnt take inventory space…at least it says so in the desciption but its irritating to have it sitting there

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haha that’s EXACTLY what I use it for too

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Funny gimmick. Typhon is spewing out white guns for you when he uses it. I think that’s the joke. Or, they changed something in development to make sure it sucks because they want to keep you farming.

The answer is Yes hahaha.

I used it to “make it rain” on my friend.He was happy in the long run since I could just upgrade his weapon times and times.And in the end of Normal he actually wanted me to throw him some guns

Agreed it help’s a new player that need’s to carry enough ammo so that can kill and anointed :slight_smile:

How do you hang it on the wall! I want to do that! :open_mouth:
I don’t think it takes any “inventory space” though, just like any other quest items! :slight_smile:

It did help me a bit after I completed the game, made 4 millions credits with it and decked myself with purple.

you can do that in your room on the sanctuary. When you enter the room turn right. You can hang one peace of each driferent item up there (artifact, class mod, shield, grenade, assault, sniper,…)

I have not seen a single report of Orange dropping from the gun, and the ratio I personally have experienced for Purple Vs all other seems not worth the eridium. That said, I ran into a use last night in which it really saved me! We were doing Cistern of Slaughter and completing the bonus challenges and the 3rd round said to get 15 Tourgue Weapon kills and no one on my team had one haha. I popped this bad boy out and pooped 100 guns onto the floor and we all found one to get us through the challenge! Boom! Useful, meh… Handy in that specific situation, yus!


It can drop Legendaries but not if Players use it.
When you meet Typhon DeLeon he shows you the Gun and shoots you a white Gun.
Now cou can pay him 1 Eridium to shoot again.
I guess it was a Video og Glitching Queen that said that abeou every 30 or 40 Tries is a Legendary.
Imho not worth trying but a funny Idea.