Is the event life?

I’m a bit confused! Is now the event life? At 6:30 pm CET?

I asked because I farmed Nates on PS4 for 10 times. Appeared each time. Not eve one legendary what do ever! Hence the confusion! I know it states until 3pm PST which is about midnight here, but the rare spawn is happening.

Is it a weird coincidence?

I’m farming in M4 and with perfect loaded dice because I’m a masochist.

NB: the patch applied Sign in the lobby appeared 6 out of 10 times . Weird!

I don’t think is fully live! Another 5 runs and one legendary and not even cutsman or anointed.

I guess I do something else and maybe check again later. Is good I tried with Nates and not the raid…

It’s live here for me in the US, on Xbox.

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Strange then! I even restarted the game and I did another 5 or 6 runs. Not even a legendary dropped… This is why I think the drop rates and the anointed buff is not yet life.

If only there is someone to from GB to confirm it in a tweet or something…,

Clear! I’m done for today I think. Not sure I will try again at midnight…,

30 Nates runs, 3 legendary, none anointed or his dedicated loot pool. M4 perfect loaded dice. So…, yeh

Besides that sign with hotfix applied or the screen itself I hope marks in a way the event. I don’t know is the new hotfix is in or the old one or …

Check if the anointments have been updated on your item card. Or the ion cannon ammo comsumption

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Good point! Ion cannon ammo consumption is updated. As I said, Nates showed each time without exception.

However, 4 now legendary drop, none anointed or part of his dedicated loot in 35 runs I don’t think that this is the event! Right?

I only guess that is not full hotfix applied yet. Otherwise if this is the drop event I’ll definitely play something else! The only thing to do is farm. At least to have a hope!

35 runs and no cutsman? Should I do 100 for one and pray to be anointed and with what I need? If so, two weeks event will not do to farm all gear I want. Ever!

Edit: can any one confirm the raid scaling?

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Yes that’s sounds like a pre event drop rate.

According to the hotfix note, the hotfix will be online in 5 hours at least on my country.

Totally, I wish the anointed drops and drops in general would be as generous as in the anniversary event those were awesome.

Let’s wait and see. Probably more people will start to give feedback in the next few hours.

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Two runs only on maliwan M4 and a lot of garbage. I did get one Anointed transformer. More updates coming!


I think you are right! I just did a run too. It is scaled though but no dedicated loot and no change in anointed either.

Well… I guess we need to wait at least until the time they said will be fully deployed. We’ll see then!

I’m seeing Linoges and Predatory Lending (one so far) from Lavender Crawley in couple of farming. It seems like the dedicated rate is pretty good.

Time for me to look for good MOARR Linoges with annointed