Is the far right tree worth using? Or should I stick to explosive?

Gonna make a new claptrap for the first time, was thinking of trying it, but worried that, especially with only two gun slots, it might keep switching to gun routines for guns I don’t have.

So should I go with the explosive tree or the subroutine tree?

It is my opinion that putting one point in safety first, at least untill you have a lot ore points to work with, its one of the best points in the game, it just gives you an absurd amount of surviveability and you probably wont even notice the damage reduction. that said, the rest of that skill tree is hard to use in the early game and I would recomend going down another tree first

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Really depends, do you prefer sticking to a single gun/element or like swapping every once in awhile? If the latter I’d say go for it and try to have at least one weapon of every type and if using the elemental skill try to have a different element on each gun.
Oh and like Wingsday implied, it is harder to use that tree if you don’t have skills stored up to spend or respec from another build.


Claptrap go BOOM! (Too Scoops + Casual Ravager + Explodifying Sapper + full Explosive tree is fun, fun, fun :smiley: )

And Mr. Torgue DEFINITELY approves that sh*t!