Is the final boss supposed to be this hard?

Jesus man. Level 50 doing it on tvhm. Loving the dlc and all that it has, but man that finaly boss fight is brutal. I beat the first phase but had to give up after spending a while on the moon station phase. I emptied my entire ammo reserve for my viral marketer and it brought one turret to like 1/4 health. Is it even possible lol

Don’t aim for the turrets, aim for the eye.

I think he’s more or less like the Sentinel in that regard. You have it as both the final boss, and the raid boss. Problem is, when he’s the final boss for the story mission Eclipse he is ALSO the raid boss, so even for the last mission he’s already at his highest difficulty.

I played on TVHM too and he chewed up a ton of ammo and was the only fight that managed to put me down in to FFYL thus far. (Claptrap running a defensive sub routine only, with mostly adaptive shields and an EDDIE thrown in during boss fights while using mostly elemental weapons and Maniacal Laughter).

We did it on UVHM with level 50ish toons. Talk about raid boss health pool dear lord :frowning:

SOO FRICKEN HARD! i just solo’d it as claptrap on UVHM at lvl 61. i found all stages of Shadow clap to be really hard. that stupid regenerating shield >.>

But the satasfaction of completing it solo was worth it :smile:

probably the best boss fight in any borderlands dlc/game i’ve ever played. definitely raidboss level if you count all the phases

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Well he is the final boss hes supposed to be hard. I really love it. Wait til you fight him on uvhm. Your in for a challenging fight.

Honestly, it’s more of a long fight than a hard one.
Beat it on UVMH first try after a big hour, with some luck though (and good thing I had a Flakker on me).

More enjoyable and rewarding than The Sentinel too.

In my opinion the invincible dragons of destruction (tiny tina DLC) where much harder then this boss. Yes he has tons of health but at least you are only getting attacked from one direction.

They were optional, this one’s not if you want to finish the DLC :wink:


Pretty much all of the actual raid bosses were harder than this because this isn’t really a raid boss. Vora, Hyp, Gee, Dragons are all harder


At this moment in time I cant get to the final quest of the DLC because the teleport says deck 13 1/2 don’t exist. Help?

Has anyone found any laser weapon that does any damage to the 2nd phase (even the turrets)?

I tried many, even getting close enough for the Flakker to work, but no visible damage occurring with a laser of any type.

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I used a Maliwan blaster - worked fine for me. Especially using ‘Sponsored By’ and applying Torgue explosive to shock blaster.

I fight with him (lv 36)at level 32 with Wilhelm. In my opinion this DAM* boss is a big fusion of Pyro Pete and Badassaurus Rex. So annoying and almost one hit shot. (+ require some puzzle maniac to dodge bullets)

Lucky for me, I found a hide spot to shoot it. In phase 1 (big mobile suit) I hide somewhere in a jump pad that jump upward and has a wall block on the side. Ride the jump pad and shoot the mobile suit untill death. When bullet’s out try to get some bullets from Hyperion box quickly and go back to jump pad to shoot at it again.

Phase two is extremely annoying. YOu have to move super fast to both side, as a big purple laser can homing at you (but can’t penetrate the wall). You have to hide somewhere behind the wall quickly.

That’s all the things that I did in a few minutes ago. I can finished all Shadow claptrap in 2 hours. Dam*. Never feel something like Final Fantasy boss fight or Kingdom heart for a long time. Oh and try to outleveled more than 7. Seriously that should be easier. And maybe try to find a glitched shotgun. I got Jakob’s glitched shotgun and when it has green or yellow glitch color just try to shoot it as best as possible. As someone comment in here already, target at the eyes. Turrets are too small to be shot.

And if Gearbox employee read this, his hp should be lower (only in normal though). I feel like I’m fighting Terrramorphous which is bad because I just playing the pre sequel yet feeling that you have to get an extremely good items + same or more level than that Shadow claptrap boss to beat it. And I can’t imagine how other characters can handle this fight but I can say that Nisha must be knocked out very easily I’m sure of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Christ don’t say that, the thresher (forgotten its name) was hard enough…

You have to run all the way through subconscious to get back there (same goes for using the arena)

I think its a little bit of an oversight to put two popular features that far away from any fast travel stations, but the run does have a few chests along the way and the two clapwolf bosses if you want to go off course.


My shock laser did nothing to him. Which is part of what made that fight much harder for me at that moment. Thankfully I had a shock smg from the holodome that helped.

Probably intentional to make it a farming “run”. I have yet to try to go back there so I’ll see how much it bugs me later. Remember that one map in Borderlands 2 that had Overlook fast trav, and at least 2 other fast travel nodes? heheh. Wow. Quite a jux.

My shock laser actually worked pretty good. It was a maliwan blaster and i was using athena so maybe thats why.

It was strange. It looked like it was literally doing no damage or not even hitting. I suspect it’s some strange bug. Mine was a beam gun that gains damage over time.

I think beams and splitters have a maximum range limit.

Blasters and Rails either don’t have a range limit or just go much further.

I thought I had tried a blaster without results, but I may have only had beams and splitters.

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