Is the Flayer Actually Grindable?

I’ve bern trying for almost 4 hours now at thr Nexus grinder.

Soooo many strikers, marketers, and sledge’s!

Can someone please reassure me this is possible?

it is. try 2 new legendaries (i think 1 new legendary is enough) and a purple shottie. will take some time though.

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Does it NEED a new leggie?

I’ve been using a marketer, logan’s gun or striker, and a random level 29-31 purple shotty.

You need at least one dlc legendary to obtain the DLC legendaries from the grinder


4 hours down thr crapper!

Ok…easiest way to get a DLC legendary?

I’m at essentially the very start of the DLC…

Viruses drop it.

Or if you’re on PC, I can give you mine. I don’t use any shotguns except the Bullpup & Company Man. (tried it recently and WOW)

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Ive given up for now.

i have more than enough quality gear to get thriugh the DLC with my 32 Willy and get a DLC Leggie to grind, i just REALLY wanted to use the Flayer as my main shotty during the DLC!

Thanks anyway!

Well, like I said, if you’re on PC, I can give you mine.

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Im on PS3 but the offer is understood & appreciated, buddy!

It is grindable, you need one of the new legendaries, earworm or denial/self loathing are the easiest legendary drops IMO (other than the 2 guaranteed at the end) but they are around 2/3 of the way through.

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