Is the Full Set of Mechanics Behind Healthgate Known?

I can’t find anything online. I think it makes you invulnerable for a brief period of time, but I’m not sure.

The way I see it is that when healthgate is activated it makes you invulnerable for a small time, but because you can’t regenerate HP for a brief period when you take damage it’s possible that enemies hit you consistently enough that you’re still below healthgate when the invulnerability period ends.

The catch is that there would have to be certain things that ignore healthgate invulnerability. The wiki says that healthgate doesn’t protect against barrels, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen scorch’s little fire dots that it leaves on the ground ignore this theoretical healthgate invulnerability.

I don’t see any reasonable alternative to this, but I could well be missing something.

If anyone could enlighten me I’d be appreciative.

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Sort of, healthgate doesn’t have a sort of “timed” mechanic. What it does block is any amount of damage till it hits 50%, not including barrels, self damage, other player damage and certain boss attacks (ex: anathema bubble). Many attacks hit more than once so sometimes the gate appears to not work at all.

There is atleast 1 build that uses this and completely exploits it, and it’s worked since launch

Not sure I understand what you mean here. Do you mean the rule of healthgate only activating if you have 50%+2 of your max health?

Correct, healthgate only kicks in if your above 50%. Whether that’s 1 hp over or 100% the effect will be the same

Okay, I see. In that case do you know why you can be hit several times after healthgate activates, while still being below 50% HP, but not die? That’s why I mentioned the theoretical invulnerability. If multi hit attacks bypassed healthgate I don’t think the above would be able to happen.

That is the healthgate: if an attack would drop you at a point when you were over 50% health, your health depletion will stop at that low gate value, and (for sources not listed above that seem to ignore this) you’ll otherwise be invincible for a brief moment.

This is the intended mechanic: playing against unusually difficult enemies in which you’d be instantly knocked to FFYL was found to be off-putting, so adding this mechanic gave players a brief yet invaluable moment to get to cover and rethink their life choices.