Is the Game going to make IT?

I’ve played the game a bit and gotta say, it is fun. Anyway, it comes along like a small indie title and not like it’s made by gearbox.
But here, take my feedback:

-card system:
It needs improvements, as right now it’s more a bunch of abilities, there’s hardly a reason why there are cards. Maybe add cards with different types or that activate when the other cards are in cooldown or empty. Or something else, but add more depth to the Card system somehow. Much more depth. Anyway it’s a good start and allows high character customization
-quick Games

-Almost no innovation:
It’s Like an older shooter like quake, ut, warsaw, etc. This is not entirely bad, but it doesn’t make the game innovative. And that’s why it doesn’t feel new in any aspect. There are other newer games that Catch the Spirit of those games, also with skills to activate, but with a higher Player Count
-map Design:
The futuristic Level is a mess

Overall, the game Looks Like a Mix of old fashioned fast paced combat with skills that add more strategy and depth. But right now, it has hardly tactic combat and the fast paced combat aspect itself is not as good as in other games. Mostly because such Games also work with 1v1 combat, but follow the principle, the more the better. It’s not like this game is Bad, but i don’t think that it can compete with other games on the market. Maybe you should aim for a more tactical approach, with bigger maps, more hp, more skills and Combos, etc