Is the game less likely to get fps lag now?

Hi. I bought the game last time and I got a lot of problems trying to get pass though tutorial. I can only force Mellka to move in a super laggy sensation with abilities only as it is too lag for me to shoot anything. I can only play the sandy stage in Capture mode too,which is bad and I have to refunded in that time for technical issues.

I just know that they finally bring the Winter update online and the patch note said that they have fix the graphical issues including Jennerit maps. Now I wonder how is the Battleborn’s optimization issues now +some issues like Deande’s clone problem that cause fps lags for all players? I found the latter one in Reddit and it makes me even more nervous to come back again. Don’t get me wrong,I can make a new account and test drive again,but that also let someone trying to do something bad on my new account-just-for-test drive such as hacking,and I prefer to have one ID with many games too.

Don’t get me wrong but I try to make use for most of the games I buy and of course have fun with all of them. I meant if the Jennerit optimization problem is still a thing I will wait for them to be more sorted next time instead so that I can play the game real good without technical issues.

So I’m here to ask about it.
Thanks to answer to me in advance by the way. :slight_smile:

That answer may depend on two things:

  1. How long ago did you play? If it was at launch there were some serious FPS issues affecting a lot of PC users. There was a patch which, literally, improved FPS by a good 30-40% or more.

  2. What CPU/GPU combo are you using? This game’s engine requires some serious GPU to run at very smooth rates. Anything less than an i5 or 970 series GPU (or AMD equivalent) may not get decent fps at anything over 1080p unless you really turn down all the settings. By comparison,on the first PvE mission with an i7 @ 4Ghz and GTX680 I would average between 40-60fps with medium settings and turning my resolution down to 1920x1080. Same CPU with a GTX1080 and I’m at 2560x1600 and I usually average well over 100fps. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever dropped below 60 at any point in the game. The GPU made a huge difference.

Although the patch notes went up yesterday, I don’t think it actually goes live to servers until Thursday? I certainly didn’t get the update when I played last night. It looks promising, since the graphics fixes are enough to allow both PS4 and XB1 to go from 30 to 60 fps, which is a pretty significant boost (esp. on the XB1!)


Do you have have a source on it going to 60 fps? I don’t think that was in the patch notes

“Added support for the PlayStation 4 Pro
PlayStation 4 Pro now has the following video options
1080p @ 30fps
1080p @ 60fps
Native 4K @ 30fps
PlayStation 4 OG can select between 1080p @ 30fps and 1080p @ up to 60fps”

As @THaNaToS_J2 mentioned, a patch we released in June-July last year made a significant improvement for PC, especially on some specific maps.

The Winter Update also will have performance improvements for every platform, including PC. The work we did for PS4 and Xbox are a bit more specific, but some of the changes should improve everything.

That said, there may still be specific issues with a few abilities or rare hardware combinations.

If I were you, I’d give it another go. It should be much better.


I was reading the PC patch notes, silly me!

So my interpretation is that we can either lock at 30 fps or allow it up to 60 with no guarantees it might fall below? Hell yes

And you heard it here, @sundragon2 the Voice of God himself @Jythri came down to voice his support of giving the game another try! After the update tomorrow besides the graphical improvements, all 25 base battleborn will be open and you can practice to test out how your hardware handles the game :grimacing:

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Yes! This was my Christmas present from our optimization team.

We knew the new consoles would give a boost (better hardware, duh), but that all system are getting a boost is awesome! What was great to see is that on OG consoles, out tests showed a pretty consist at or near 60fps on those consoles with occasional dips. Dependable enough to include this as an option. :slight_smile:

I always hold my breath a little until it gets in your hands and you can personally verify you see the difference, but signs are looking good for this one!


Hm…I will check and review some feedback again after I finish my German language class tomorrow…Nope,this is not Marquis pun.

Anyway will your team plan to make a new video to show about new things especially for new optimization to new people so that they will know that your team did something like this?

PS I mean in an actual trailer like Bootcamp.

We did a 2-hour stream in December and went through each change in detail. There’s not another trailer involved, but we have communicated quite a bit.

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Alright I got it. Thank you for your kind reply to me and other people. :slight_smile: