Is the game really too far gone to

Steal paladins queue and matchmaking system. Copy paste please? :frowning:

Been playing it lately and it makes me very sad. I’d rather be playing BB for one…but also, wow this F2P game in beta put forth a cohesive system.

(In case anybody doesn’t know:)

  1. Casual multi-queue by game type(!). Presumably not ratings based but may have flex features to prevent 5-mans playing soloers.
  2. Competitive solo/duo queue. Draft. Must grind a bit to get in (12 characters rank 5). Main game type only.
  3. Custom with a lot of features! Lobby system to set up 5v5s, etc.

It would be only fair, considering how much Paladins stole from Battleborn!



Paladins closed beta first started November 2015.

Edit: closed test for BB opened at the end of October, so my post is irrelevant :frowning:


I don’t believe that game too far gone for anything. I really think that main thing this game needs is a strong marketing push. Do another big patch add a the free trail and market the game… I mean hell I’ve not seen one commercial for Battleborn and it seems major games news sites don’t follow it. Paladins has YouTube ads why doesn’t battleborn?


Battleborn did not attract an audience at launch (this was extremely important to do) that could establish a healthy 24 hour player base and as such was predestined to be in the position it is in now no matter what Gearbox did next. They have valiantly tried to improve aspects of the game to make it better but when they have spent a huge budget on the game and have seen only modest returns on it there comes a point as to how much money you want to put in to attempt to turn it around. It seems they have taken a graceful approach and slowly let the game take its natural course. It is a great game but not everything great is appreciated and gamers can be a fickle bunch who are attracted to shiny things. It just turned out that the overall appeal of Battleborn was not strong enough for those who bought it to stick through the tough times. Unfortunately not all great games are successful in regards to capturing an audience.

EDIT: This is pretty much the Anniversary week and sans and update or anything significant from Gearbox we see on PC that the peak time this week there were 180 PC players and the lowtime is a mere 32. I wonder how many of those are just sitting in queues waiting.


4 - Region locking



There are probably around 20-50 people in my region who try to PvP on PC each night.

Some are doing private matches, and those that aren’t in 5-mans are usually quickly chased off by the 5-mans in the queue, leaving a couple 5-mans playing each other if they’re lucky.

There are a lot more players who would LIKE to PvP on PC but with the matchmaking and queues set up as they are, it is just not worth the effort most of the time.

The point of this is really all the science was done, it is pretty clear what is expected of a MOBA or other competitive game on PC and they didn’t really do it, and I wish they’d do it now so that if things ever do start to turn around it won’t be completely squandered…


A fork of the game into FTP may save the game (or may not) and it would involve more than making the game free as they would have to build in microtransactions to keep the game afloat. You could give existing fans or Battleborn the ability to port their players and a bonus of microtransaction credit as a sign of good faith. It still costs a lot of money to do this and it depends on risk vs return analysis and comparing that to what they stand to gain by just focusing on Borderlands 3 for now. Since the online gaming community is going from luke-warm to cold in some cases it could wait a year or so and be reborn as FTP. Just don’t add a Duke Nukem character as a gimmick.

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I tried Paladin and immediately had the same experience as Overwatch; Everyone dies quickly with a few shots. I can’t understand how some people like such games… where is the player’s skill/fun when even a complete amateur like me can easily kill much more experienced players. Battleborn is stilll number 1 for me.


I like Paladins. At least it has players in it. No offense.


Yup. High ttk eliminates randomness. Skill beats luck every time. Unfortunately this completely turns off new players because they have to spend a hard slog ‘getting good’ and don’t feel any kind of reward/gratification is this period. Thus high-ttk games and/or no-randomness games struggle to retain new players.

On PS3 I put a hell of a lot of time into a game called Starhawk. A skilled pilot is near-literally immortal in that game (like 100 kills 0 deaths kind of immortal) against anything except another skilled pilot, which puts off a lot of people from bothering to even try to learn to fly.


That makes total sense! It’s probably just me because of my mmorpg background. In those pvp games, you have to spend time to obtain the best gears, character skills/builds and improve your own player’s skills to defeat other players. Then again, those games are a lot more rewarding even during the process of honing your skills.

Personally whenever I play an easy pvp game where it requires very minimal experience to defeat even the best players in a match is extremely boring and discourages me from playing it. Might as well just do pve or go against bots.


Some people conversely find time sink games to be boring, remember. I used to be pretty addicted to Everquest, and I’m still flirting with disaster even when I play a very minorly addictive game like Stardew Valley or Diablo. Those games take over your life. I like that games like Overwatch / Paladins exist to allow people to enjoy quick bursts of fun and accomplishment without need for much time or practice.

Nowadays gaming is very much a minor feature of my life, something that might see a few hours a week if I’m not too busy, and for the brief period I tried the beta, I liked Paladins for what it was. I mean it’s got some of the stupidest lore and character design going, but for a brief fling, I’ve played worse.


Dat’s it man

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I’m a casual player as well but I don’t find games that require time to get good to be repetitive. It’s part of the fun. Just like in real life, without a challenge or not getting out of the comfort zone, the game becomes boring for me.

One could make the argument that the game was doomed from the start, at least on the PvP side.

Let’s compare this to, say, Halo. The major draw (at least with up to 3, as that’s where I stopped playing the MP) was that there were no extra features to the assorted Spartans outside of armor color - it was just you, your Spartan, whatever weapon they had at the time, and raw ability (I’m not factoring in luck as all games have some degree of luck to them).

With Battleborn, since it draws heavily from arena/battleground-style games like LoL and Smite, you have to factor in character abilities and how they affect that person’s place in the battlefield. Most melee/front line characters are at a major disadvantage for this very reason, at least in Incursion.

And speaking of, you have map layouts to worry about as well. Looking at Incursion again, the major reason I don’t play it much is because it only has one lane and no “jungle” to speak of. Assassins can’t really be assassins as such, and if I need to some farming as, say, Attikus, then I either have to go the building route (which is difficult unless you have a loadout made for it) or risk getting blown, what they call, “the ■■■■ up” trying to attack minions or other characters (this is from the perspective of a solo-queuer, mind you). At that point, there’s a very good chance that I’m doing more harm than good.

I’m not going to touch on matchmaking as I would be taking a revolver shotgun (with incendiary rounds) to the already greatly mutilated equine corpse that is that subject.

Lastly, there’s the need to be eSports viable. Does it really need to be? I look at fighting games for this, as a game is not going to be featured at a major event (such as Final Round, Summer Jam, or Evo) simply because it’s a fighting game. Dead or Alive is seldom featured, even with the overhauls to the fighting system that had been plaguing the series since 2 on the Dreamcast. Soul Calibur even less so (if you can believe that). There was a major gap between inclusions of any Guilty Gear games until Xrd -SIGN- dropped, and even then it’s inclusion in major tournaments is limited. Now, this is largely due to game popularity and, as such, if things don’t go well, they don’t go well. Constantly trying to look for attention is going to make both the developers and the game itself (…somehow) look desperate. Just let the game do its thing. If it works, great! If not, it’s not the end of the world, so long as people are playing and they’re happy, right?

I don’t know if all that made any sense (drank my own concoction of Go-Go Juice earlier and it’s starting to wear off). Still, those of are my thoughts on the matter.

I agree with what most of you said but this line I don’t think is too accurate.

This has been a total hijack, and not a great one!

There’s room for different games in the world, I think, still. I know the whole twitch social media fanboy storm has made it more difficult for niche games to find a niche because everybody wants to hang on the arm of the popular jock or cheerleader game of the day, but there’s really no fundamental flaws in the design of this game that make it unplayable.

Higher TTK than Overwatch/Paladins? Gear grind? Real melee heroes? These are all things that will provide more pro than con than some players (including me!) and we are not at the one-McGame-to-rule-them-all point…yet.

To bring it back to the original point, the one thing under this game’s total control that it painfully lacked was the basic queue and matchmaking strategy that would appeal to all the different sorts of players that come for MOBA style games. It was not really rocket surgery, either, as we see from Paladins who basically ripped off and modified what’s done in LoL and it’s pretty much as “perfect” as you can get. The exact same queues would have worked for this game and I submit it is (in overall effect) the number one reason people who actually want to play Battleborn don’t play Battleborn.


Well, the PvP wasn’t what made me get the game - everything else that the game had to offer is why it was a one day purchase (on two separate platforms to boot!). And I regret nothing.

That said, I’m not as intimately familiar with the PvP as some others as such. Again, just my opinions.

Observation: Oh hey, I got one of those little cakes! I should go celebrate with some man-barbecue… :upside_down:

@tincow77 Right, sorry. In regards to that, agreed. Paladins’ queue system is great, and I’m surprised that Hi-Rez’s previous game Smite doesn’t have the same option (especially since there’s 7 goddamn modes).

You might still have the usual blowhard that ends up DCing because they got a map/game type they didn’t want, but at least some of the matchmaking woes would be alleviated with this system.