Is the game still trash?

Okay so i am a huge BL head i have all the plats for every BL game including 3. I got the steelcase with the season pass sad to say like many of you it disappointed me to no end. So my question is this. Is the game still trash? because before i would have preferred to play BL2 Over 3. If the game is indeed improved can you list the reasons why.

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I mean nothing is going to fix the story if that’s what you’re asking.
Gameplay wise it’s fine. Replayability after you complete content is meh.


Is it trash? No. Is it great? That’s subjective. I’d give it a 6 out of 10. It’s a solid okay. The dlc’s have been really really good. The constant fiddling and adjusting is getting really old. Ya finally get a set of weapons you really like and then they get nerfed. Or they change how an action skill interacts with an appointment. Sigh


Story is still meh. Twin Gods are still 1% of the villians that Handsome Jack was. Lilith is still an incompetent leader. Ava is still a moody annoying teenager. Guns are constantly being nerfed or buffed. Non-gun gear does not scale with changes in mayhem levels. There are rumors that skill trees will be changed soon. We still don’t know what the max cap level will be. No direction as to what to farm since (i) level 60 gear could soon be obsolete with the next level increase and (ii) gear buffs/nerfs. No end-game content. Other than that, the game is so-so.


This is the exact reason I’ve stepped away from the game except to play DLC or events. I don’t have time to spend full afternoons farming a single item to have to do it again every 2 months. So many baffling decisions made with this game


No, it’s actually worse than trash. There are like 5 guns in the game worth using and content is non existing. Come back after we get an unofficial community patch and modding.


Unless I’m seriously misunderstanding what you’re saying, that is 1000% false. Non-gun sources of damage with the exception of shields have been scaling since the phase 2 patch on June 23rd.

BTW OP, what did you dislike when you quit the first time? In some ways the game has gotten better, in others worse, and in most about the same.

I don’t know what it is specifically that you care about so I won’t give you a definitive answer, but in terms of build diversity the game is in the best state ever with AS builds, melee, some slam builds, and grenades all being viable depending on the set up. A lot of the trash anointments were removed, so if you were tired of farming it should be slightly easier now, though not by much admittedly.


Yeah the OP is vague. For example, I always dislike the story, but only ever really quit playing for a week and that was after the GTD came out but before action skill scaling. Otherwise, I’ve loved the game.

IMHO, balance was best at mayhem 4 right after the Ironbear buff (I’m a Moze Main), but is pretty good now all things considered.

I think there’s work to be done. However, I disagree with people who’s say only 5 guns work.

Here’s a small list of guns I keep around just for funzies and it’s not all that work:

  • facepuncher
  • lightshow
  • Ruby’s wrath
  • scourge
  • plaguebearer
  • back burner
  • firestorm (with good anointment)
  • SMG and shotgun purple tediors with a splash build
  • soulrender (with right anoint)
  • monarch
  • Maggie (with good anoint)

This is just top of my head guns I’ve recently used or tested and work fine. It’s not a full list or working guns.

Guns that could be improved are things like snipers in general (Lyuda, ETc), Dahl in general, especially the AR, purples need some love as a class, COV as a class.

Anyway, I only play mayhem 10.

Some things that are annoying are having to roll your choice mayhem modifiers. It can take 20 minutes or more to get what you want and because of that, experimenting is kinda indirectly discouraged. I doubt that was intended, and I think the fix is that they let us roll individually.

I also think there’s overall work to the gameplay to be fixed, like some broken talents and the need for a new kind of challenge mode possibly that accounts for balancing (maybe infinite mayhem levels like Diablo or something?).

Anyway, I hope that helps give an idea. Good luck and welcome back if you return


console = Its still trash , almost every update recently shift the meta and obviously it induce farming as well , guess what load time still take forever .

balancing is still being a problem, every time they did changes , it ended up overwhelming or underwhelming , u can never find the same bl2 bl1 feeling in bl3


So this is why i say the game is or was trash depending on me eventual revisiting. In my opinion their is absolutely no reason for character debuffs to the extent they did it. I understand it’s done in other games but this game has absolutely no PVP elements. I got a whole solid FL4K build to level 50 and because everyone was complaining how OP he was at launch he got crazy nerfed to the point he became unplayable and I had to create an Amara from scratch. I personally don’t really mind re-farming as much because we had to do that in BL2 as well although they were more fair with damage output in 2 i’d have to say. The story cutscenes you can’t skip either which is frankly amateur. that is one thing that should be fixed that by now. Don’t get me wrong i don’t hate everything. I like the catch-a-ride system with the obtainable weapons But they also completely ruined maliwan guns with the charge up time so their’s that.

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This was fixed a few months ago

Your build may not have been as powerful but FL4K has consistently been one of the highest dps VH’s since launch and has always been far from unplayable. Not trying to pick a fight or anything but the “it’s a singleplayer game we don’t need balance changes” mindset really gets under my skin. I don’t agree with all the nerfs to date but I supported the majority and think they did a great job up until mayhem 2.0


Yeah, the GitM nerf was a kneejerk reaction but 3 Shot Fade has always been a great build. If anything, Rakk builds are the only ones that have ever been close to unplayable with all of the problems with Headcount.

Since you have a level 50 FL4K and an Amara, you should be good. GB has buffed Amara immensely since Phase 2, and FL4K has consistently been good just because he boosts every kind of damage. You can just do melee builds for both characters and you’ll never need to refarm again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s see I can play BL1, BL2 and BLTPS on my Xbox without it crashing. Oh I can also play them split screen locally or I can invite or join online. Think that alone sums up my feelings without having to get into anything else.


The game was never trash


It’s got better graphics and bigger things.

There’s nothing wrong with BL3. If you’re on here long enough, then you would think all kinds of things are wrong with it, but it’s a pretty good game.

I don’t know if any other game like it.

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I agree that there are overreactions in the community but to say there us nothing wrong with bl3 is just willfull ignorance in my books. Crashing on xbox (and occasionally ps4), poor split screen performance/no vertical split screen, matchmaking performance, overall weapon/skill balance (vanilla weapons that are useless due to power creep on DLC weapons). I don’t have all day to recall all the issues I have with the game currently but those are a few of the issues that have plagued me since launch


I am ps4 and am so frustrated with these load times, I actually timed it earlier and it is roughly 1 minute 10 secs from quit out to being back in the game. It feels like an eternity and when you are doing that over and over it sure builds up to sheer boredom, and then you have the 10 - 15 secs of lag when back in the game when using inventory, vehicle spawn etc. It sucks and has ruined farming for me and my ps friends.


Shoulda been there before bloodbornes first patch, those were wild.

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Ha yea I was, and oddly enough, the load times there were actually because of the loading screen itself. They were over 60 secs so about the same as BL3 now.

Few of these are irrelevant to some players - out of the stuff you listed, only ‘occasional crash’ would apply to me: strictly solo player who tends to avoid high MH levels and therefore does not care about balance that much.

Not discounting the issues per se - for instance I would be pissed if I bought BL3 with couch co-op in mind, but it’s a bit more nuanced.