Is the game too fast paced for stuns as long as 2 seconds, or is it just me?

It’s just the feeling I’m constantly having that the game is too dynamic to have such long crowdcontrol, and I’d rather have shorter control on lesser cooldown. Sometimes, getting stunned for 2 seconds equals death, sometimes it’s a setup for chain cc which you can’t do a thing about.

Also, the CC protecting gear is extremely ineffective. 10%~? You got to be kidding me.

Which leads to another feeling I’m having: characters with hard CC have big advantage over the ones without it, same goes for team setups.

Anybody else feels the same way?

While I don’t have a problem with the stun time length, I cannot disagree that characters with hard CC abilities do have a sort of advantage and yes, most teams do have an advantage with the synergy brought with playing in a team. Its not bad enough that I would call for any changes but shorter cool down for less time seems like a fair trade

Stuns in any game is a horrible mechanic.