Is the game worth for PC?

Hello! Sorry if I’m not in the right forum for this, and I know answers will possibly be a bit biased due to this being the forums, but still, I wanna ask how is the game doing. I know it had a rough time due to some issues it had be it of marketing, bugs or whatever else floats.

I loved the game. I seriously did, I played each single day of the beta, unlocked each and every character during it, as well as on the PS4 version (due to my old pc not being able to run it), but after a few weeks the game felt empty and players just stopped caring.

How is the game worth for PC at the moment? How many DLC have been released? New maps? Balance patches? heroes? etc.

Ps4 version is healthier (player population).

@FlamesForAll made a chat with lot of players to find a team socialize, share tips and tricks and discuse about well anything.

I no longer have my PS4 copy sadly.

Uhm there is a discord where you can find ppl to play, i would hardly encourage you to contact them first.

They do 10 man mostly for fun, as the mm is err… not working.

Please come back to ps4!!


As I said, I no longer have the PS4 copy. I now have a proper PC and I’d preffer to play it there, I really don’t like FPS and consoles tbh.

I had to try :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go Unofficial Battleborn Discord server is live

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Thanks! just joined, hopefully I can find some guidance there too!

I´m not on PC, but as far as I know the state of BB there is difficult. The playernumbers are low and queue times are rather high because of that.

At best you search out for a team or some PC-mates you can play regulary with. There are many LFP/LFG-topics in the Forums.
You can also find players on the inofficial Battleborn Discord server.

Ninjad by @dantesolar :heart:


Yea, I joined and am thinking about buying it or waiting for that Season 2 thingie they mentioned.

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If you play Battleborn in North American then the queues finally died a few weeks ago after some pre-mades who regularly play in queues decided to screw it and go into 10 mans to play against themselves. Which causes you not to find games even if you are in a full pre-made since there is noone to play against so a lot of the ffew people who played BB in North America are quitting.

So yeah the game is pretty much dead in North America but I think you will still be able to find matches for the EU version, but PS4 version will probably give you a much better experience till we get PS4/PC crossplay or this game goes F2P

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You should ease up, it’s no ones fault, much less those players that decided to play private 10 mans.

Theres been private 10 mans matches since good time ago, just now because of the new low in player amount it’s more noticeable.

As if now, it takes to long to find a match and it’s really tiresome to wait a lot, just so in the end someone in the other team evades your team (in case your team is recognized to have good players) or you go against the same teams that will stomp your group (either because they have better/experienced players, or are average players running the most broken team compositions with the same broken item loadouts).

Playing private matches might look like a exclusive thing, but it’s actually the contrary, I am sure that they would welcome anyone who would like to play since one of the principal reasons for these private matches was to just help players to play the game more and wait less.

On topic: the game is fun, there is good amount of single player missions that can be done co-op with friends, the PvP is we’re the game is struggling because there are not many players, so either you wait a long time to play against 5 man teams, or you wait a lot just to get stomp by even more organized and experienced 5 man, that is if you are lucky to manage and get a team of randoms.


Not sure when you will play PvP but if you ever need some teammates or anything else you can add me on steam: RedX801.

I agree with @cesarcota77 too, he basically said it all. I mostly just try to stick to privates every now and then but I’ll be more than happy to play some QM if needed

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Today I wasted 2 hours in a quick match/solo queue - not a single match started (only once it got to 5 ppl, but someone disconnected due to matchmaking error and no one joined afterwards… solo queue - is just dead, in 50 minutes only 1 player appeared on the screen). No one is playing public pvp anymore. You can get a bots battle in ~5-10 minutes. Or get a random dude in missions, but that’s it.
Right now, as i’m writing - there is 65 ppl playing this game in whole world. So it’s basically impossible to have 10 random ppl in your region to get into a public pvp match.

if there were no bots battle mode - at least we could get some pvp matches still, but nowadays, to play a public pvp match is more like a myth than a reality.

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Do you like PvE? If so this game is very much worth it, I have gotten hundreds of hours of enjoyment, and still enjoy it quite a bit from PvE alone.

Do you like PvP? This is a little tougher, your options are pretty much A) Play against bots B) Crazy long waits or C) Set up groups outside of the game (like Discord) to play with people.

IMO if you hate PvE, and only want it for casual PvP play, pass. However if you enjoy PvE and/or are looking for a complex FPS MOBA that you don’t mind putting some extra effort into, it’s worth it.

This made me rly rly rly rly rly sad like rly rly sad.



Despite the toxic posts about PC vets not doing nothing but destroying the game. There are some as you may heard that do casual 10 man private matches almost every evening.

Also you may have heard that we are also doing a semi-competitive PC league (each team has 2 matches a week), teams are already full but if you are interested in being a sub we have a lot of teams needing them every now and then. If you are interested just let me know, I’ll pass you the info for the league or 10 mans.

I’m not being toxic, I’m just being honest and trying to explain to this guy why quick match queue is pretty much dead because otherwise people would think I’m just another person crying about how the PC player-base is dead since September, when really for finding a match with or without a pre-made it’s only recently that its became pretty much dead. However there might be players tomorrow since it’s Friday :slight_smile: .

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Never said you were & you are right. I had my fair share of waiting in the queue for 2 hours with no matches and solo queuing to get completely stomped after long waits, we all have I bet. That’s why we made the league so we can enjoy some semi competitive fair games without the long wait. Some of the regular casual players on it are learning a thing or two about drafting too so it’s good. If you wanna play that would be cool, just let me know. (We don’t use legendaries though)


I am of one of those pre-mades that

My handle on Steam is the same as it is here so if you want to play in a mostly casual environment you may send me a friend request on Steam.

@RedX - I’m interested.

NOOOOOOOOOO! I’d rather have the devs shutdown the servers than do that!

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