Is the gate to get to Red Belly glitched?

Just wondering if it’s just me or if it’s for everyone else as well. You know that first gate in Crisis Scar that you go through on your way to Red Belly’s place? During the mission it opened up as soon as i killed the enemies outside the gate, but now when I go back to farming Red Belly that first gate remains shut, even though I kill all the enemies. I know I can just hop over the wall despite the gate being locked, but is this a glitch?

EDIT: This is the gate I’m talking about:

been open the few times I went through after completing the mission, though I don’t farm him much. as for jumping over being a “Glitch”, me I would venture “No”, seeing how the mechanics of the game let you hop/jump to areas that would not be accessible in BL2 or 1

I have the same issue. It appeared after I reset my UVHM playthrough with Wilhelm. Other characters are not affected. My guess is that it appears after you reset your character playthrough.

Happened to me as well one time on my low level Jack. I just went back the way I came: Not the direct way through the travel/door but rather through that “secret” door that you are granted access during the mission.