Is the grinder the worst thing to happen to borderlands?

i mean look at it, all you have to do is farm one of the two secret bosses a few times and you can get any legendary you want from grinding their highly dropped legendarys! i no longer have the thrill of collecting legendary weapons!

now i see any purple gun and its off to the grinder with it with out it really having any value to me.

and even worse players can easily clone a single gun a 100 times with a friend then grind the weapon and get every legendary in the game with no challenge.

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Are you kidding ?

The grinder is the BEST thing to happen to BL.

Now every drop has value.
Now no legendary is too hard to farm (ever farmed a Tball fist in BL2???)
Now all legendaries can do more than sit in a bank.

If purple guns NOW have no value to you… What value did they have before ? If you chuck them directly into the grinder now, you probably just sold them before… No difference really. (Also, many of the game’s best guns are purple, you should try a few :wink: )

That it makes it easier for cheaters to cheat is completely irrelevant. If you’re already using 3rd party software to acquire stuff illegitimately, the grinder changes nothing… Who cares what cheaters do ?


Honestly I’ve used the grinder maybe a total of 10 times or less. And not even for specific weapons. Just kinda wanted to see what would pop out. Other than that I just kinda ignore that it’s there. Same with the vendors. If I’m selling stuff or buying ammo and I see something cool I’ll grab it. Not gonna farm them though. I’d much rather the feeling of accomplishment of farming a boss 50+ times or the awesomeness of a legendary drop while just playing through.

To be honest, on my first playthrough, I skipped the grinder mission. I didn’t even know it existed until the end of the game. Not using the grinder didn’t bother me, I kind of don’t see the big deal about it.

my thing is, in borderlands or borderlands 2, when you did get the legendary you wanted it was AWESOME you felt great. now i just fly along in this game and have any gun i want. there’s no challenge.

If you want a specific gun it’s still better to farm the boss. Unless you dashboard/backup save, you’ll probably just get purples anyway, and there’s several guns within every type as well.
Grinder is awesome. People who don’t like killing the same boss over and over, and like changing it up, also get a chance at guns. Now I can play in the areas I actually like.
It’s nice that you felt awesome when you got a drop in BL2, me, I just quit after an hour and played something else or did my homework.

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I’ve reached the point where I WANT a grinder in BL2! I’d rather do that than play the slots, anyway. Just turn down the frequency with which the Dahl dude nags you to do something though.


There is no challenge ?

Last I checked you still had to feed the grinder something… Usually 2 more legendaries

The main difference is that now, when you get a legendary drop that you DIDN’T want, it’s still a good news.


yeah i see where everyone is coming from, maybe im just bored, and using worst was a harsh word i take that back. i still dislike it.

i want a challenge, getting 2 legionaries from either secret boss is just too easy for me.

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I don’t really use it much at all, but it is another loot option. I don’t think having more options is a bad thing personally.


Best thing that happened. Sure, the grinder is not a perfect replacement for farming, but it’s supplemental. Sometimes I just need a quick upgrade. Sometimes I manage to find a million Cradle shields cause Nina loves babies. Sometimes I need a specific weapon at a specific level and have been hoarding too much stuff and can do so.

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I get what you mean, but the grinder is not the reason you feel like getting a legendary is not a challenge. Getting a specific legendary before the grinder wasn’t a challenge either… You just kill a specific boss over and over until he drops what you want. The difference is that now this is a process that can happen organically: just run through the game, any area you want, killing ANY boss on your way, no need to mindlessly farm the exact same boss all the time.

This changes the game in a positive way IMO. I no longer feel the drag of farming to get what I want. I just …play :slight_smile:


I clicked on the topic to see what hate the grinder was getting now, but I am now confused. None of the problems listed are caused by the grinder.

I like it because if I get a bunch of crap legendaries or lousy purples, I can chuck them in and see what I get. It also helps kill a bit of the farm fatigue when you can mix the target up a bit.

FWIW my favourite guns in TPS are Tediore splitters and my load out usually only contains one or two legendary guns at most. I don’t see how giving people more options is ever a bad thing.

Then your luck is FAR better than mine, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve killed Iwajira and have nothing but cash and moonstones to show for it.

Collect claptastic legendaries, secret bosses can’t get you those

:slight_smile: A man after my own taste

Not the worst thing, the worst thing has been the gradual decline of in game drops of good gear and red chests. I like lots of loot and lots of good loot. I would rather have too much than not enough. If loot is what we are after then nothing is better than being rewarded during play. I detest using gold keys, farming for specific items, buying from vendors, or crafting to get something better than the crappy in game drops. This could all be made a lot better if guns dropped and appeared in chests like they did in Borderlands. Chests, lockers, toilets (bleh) and the like in BL2 and BL:TPS have become unfun places to look and diminish the pleasure of playing the game. It is not that the guns in them are no good, they probably are adequate within reason but they are also just not fun. The fun guns are the more powerful ones, even overpowered ones. The better guns stop the incessant need to find ammo and run out of money doing it. I play the game and I like to be rewarded and enjoy my fun even if I am overpowered. I can see why so many people resort farming, then to duping and then finally move onto game save editing so they can get to play the game they way they want. Borderlands hit the nail on the head and in the following game they are attempting to fix a problem that did not need fixing. Better in game drops of good gear will fix everything, so what if people eventually have everything, you already give them almost all the skill points in the tree, having every type of gun should not be an issue.

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It was your fun with laser shotguns build that got me to try them Chuck. Now I’m just working on getting some glitched ones in the Clappy DLC.

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[quote=“DontPanic, post:18, topic:269265, full:true”]
Not the worst thing, the worst thing has been the gradual decline of in game drops of good gear and red chests. … Chests, lockers, toilets (bleh) and the like in BL2 and BL:TPS have become unfun places to look and diminish the pleasure of playing the game. …[/quote]
@DontPanic – you expressed my sentiments very closely. I actually get discouraged by nothing but cr@p drops after intense, hectic battles. And I get better rewards standing at a grinder? Maybe (hopefully) the current month-long increase in drop rates is an attempt to correct that going forward.