Is the headcount rakks bug finally fixed?

Because im still having scenarios where my rakk attack suddently have so much cooldown instead of the usual 5 seconds.

Head Count is working correctly now, however there is still some weirdness in action skill cooldown.

There has been some speculation that Topped Off is causing some sort of issue but I haven’t seen any definitive conclusion about it. Not to mention it is very inconsistent making it fairly hard to test in my experience.

Agree with @vCarpeDiemv. I am reasonably certain from my playtesting that Head Count is working correctly with Rakk Attack, and I believe some other players have documented evidence of it working correctly. Regardless of potential issues with HC, let me just say to the OP that cooldown on Rakks is (and always has been) glitchy af anyway.

I have noticed from time to time that I even get cooldown issues with GB, specifically where the timer literally just gets stuck on 5 for what seems like minutes sometimes (it does not, to be clear - this is hyperbole folks!). I am not so sure that the issue with the cooldown timer getting “stuck” is not just a visual glitch, as opposed to a substantive issue.

But I don’t know for certain. All I do know for certain is that the cocktail of ETI, HC, Topped Off, and Rakk Attack appears to be glitchy af (as I said above LOL).

Sorry I couldn’t be more help. But yes, the kinds of issues are ones that I have been seeing for months - yes, even after HC purportedly was “fixed” to play nicer with Rakk Attack.

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I’ve had this happen plenty with Fade too since maybe a couple of months ago and I don’t think it’s just visual. Sometimes I land a burst that should realistically refund me the full or close to full AS cooldown but instead the game dials it to 5 seconds and keeps it there for what seems like an eternity.

EDIT: My theory is that Headcount gets the visual cooldown correctly up to the 5 second mark but the actual AS reducing portion of Headcount glitches and doesn’t work. So your countdown timer gets set to 5 but in reality your cooldown is going down at it’s default rate (+ whatever modifiers you have to make it quicker).


@Lammas That is an interesting idea, and certainly could be the case. Basically your idea is that there are two separate cooldown counters - (1) the visual one on the screen, and (2) an internal one to the game’s logic that governs and interacts with the skill tree.

My theory is a little different, but along the same lines. And I am not trying to be too tinfoil-hatty here, for the record. I think that there is something about the interaction between natural crits from Fl4k and the so-called “pseudo-crits” from Megavore and the way those both interact with Head Count (and the cooldown counter as a result) that is the issue.

Here’s why I think that. The game clearly delineates in the damage formula between crits actually hit by the player (Fl4k) and body shots (or other damage sources, such a grenade, some splash sources, etc.) that are deemed a crit via Megavore. I think there is something about the interaction between those two types of crits and Head Count that screws up the cooldown counter.

As I have said many times on here before, I am nowhere near a BL math guy, and I am sure someone will come along after me and show how I am wrong, of course. But again, I am just sort of theory-crafting my thoughts.

Neither am I. It’s just that it sometimes gets stuck on that 5 second mark for seemingly dozens of seconds mid combat and when it happens no further crits ever seem to cause any cooldown action to happen. I also have 1 point in ETI which I’m fairly sure does nothing when it’s stuck like that even if I’m getting several kills in a row.

It could definitely be Megavore/Fade crit type shenanigans that are causing the glitch to happen. It’s just when it does happen, headcount seems to stop doing anything. I’d need to switch Topped Off off and try to time how long the cooldown is when it happens next time maybe to see if it matches up to what it regularly would be.

@Lammas I have tried the Topped Off test of HC before and I did not have any luck with that as a possible cause/source of the issue.

But maybe you would find out something different than I have?

Ah, I just meant taking Topped Off away to be able to consistently say what my cooldown without headcount (or ETI) is. Keeping Topped Off on would make it hard to judge in the middle of combat where the state of my shield is a bit of an inconsistent factor.

But yeah, might take a while before I get to it as I’m currently busy with other games but I’ll try it out at some point unless GBX gets to fixing these Fl4k bugs before that.