Is The Heliophage even in co-op matchmaking?

So I’ve attempted at least 20 times to find a lobby with The Heliophage as the mission option, and with absolutely no success. I’m not sure if its just bad luck, or its just not in rotation. I really don’t want to do all missions in a private campaign lobby just to beat the last mission I need. Does anybody know?

Heliophage is it’s own option, unlocked when you’ve completed every other campaign map at least once.

I guess I’ll have to wait until The Saboteur gets fixed then.

saboteur on normal is doable with 2 people get an ISIC and a Oscar mike you will have a good chance as ISIC just stays in his ult in front of the core (not against the core in case of AOE dmg) and Oscar mike needs to run around and shoot burning grenades. finished it 2nd try with my girlfriend and she just started with gaming so not much experience at all


Yes to this; however, someone has to watch the sides. Noticed Thralls taking out Nova from the sides with their guns.

I agree just beat Saboteur with a Galilea and ISIC last night after trying solo and failing miserably. ISIC made it soo eas.

Saboteur in Normal solo or 2-players is pretty simple.
It’s 4/5 players or Advanced people are griping about.

Completed Saboteur on normal every time I have run it. The easiest/safest attempt was when their was a Kleese who just put his little contraptions all over the last defense point thing. The enemies didn’t even get any hits on it. Maybe try taking a Kleese in.

Wow, yeah that was actually pretty easy. I ended up having to solo it as ISIC but I had no trouble it all. Thanks for the amazing tip!

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Thats how I beat the mission today. I was Miko and someone was Kleese. We had 3 others, but 1 dropped out lol. It was pretty easy. I just spored and healed like crazy while Kleese dropped his shields everywhere.

Side note, if anyone needs help with the Heliophage, I still need to compete it.

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