Is the hotfix on? No damage increase on my Infinity as the patch states!

Hi guys, I’m asking this because after finishing playing at around 03:40 (Lisbon time) this morning my level 50 Infinity was still outputting the same damage as in the previous day.
Assuming the patch was applied yesterday when I started playing around eleven in the evening, shouldn’t I have a different damage output on the Infinity pistol?
Tyvm in advance for any feedback.

You could always just back out to the main menu, wait a bit, then go back in and see if it changes.

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Just to clarify here, but the Infinity changes arrived in a hotfix, not a patch, meaning it needs to be re-applied each time you start the game for now.

This should happen automatically, as long as you’re online, and don’t rush through the menu screens on start up.

I can confirm the damage boost as active on a couple of my Infinity pistols, so the hotfix is definitely doing the business on that front.

I sat on the menu screen for 15 minutes one day. I was loading my dishwasher, then clicked play. First time I paused it asked if i wanted to back out and apply the updates. I was like “are you kidding me? what were you doing?”

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waiting for you to come back of course


I will check later today and I can confirm the damage output has not yet been modified. I’ll guess I’ll start up the game and wait for 10 or 15 minutes to see if it happens. Tyvm for the feedback guys, kudos.

It shouldn’t take that long to load in (unless you’re still on a 2400 Baud modem… :phone: ). I usually say 1-2 minutes because most people’s perceived minute is a lot less than 60 seconds, but by 60 seconds on the clock you should be good to go.

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How dare you try to balance my minute! I thought that was Clappy’s job…you know when he isn’t dancing across my monitor, whining about stairs, or being rejected yet again.

Alright on topic I agree with you. However it does sometimes feel several minutes wasn’t enough time for the game to dl the hotfix. So perhaps GB will give us an icon to tell us when they become active in our games, like I have seen several people request. :sunglasses:


Delete B3 saved space restart game all hot Fix will load properly that have been releaced.

Please don’t recommend that people delete their save files.

On XB1 it’s called “Reserved” space. I imagine it’s something similar on other platforms?

Nomenclatrue police to the rescue…

Well, still no hotfix applied. I got a screen notification to go back to the main menu in the previous hotfixes but this time still nothing, go figure!

You should only see the notification if either (a) the hotfix released after you’d started playing or (b) you button-mashed through too fast and it didn’t get applied.

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Hahaha, great post!

My cats love Clap when he’s scrolling across the screen. It’s not good when they jump on the TV stand and paw at his poor ass though!!!

I get that message all the time about needing an update and sometimes it stays and other times it goes away. Seems to be no real way to tell what’s going on.

Click no and rampage free exp lolz

so i come to the conclusion that its applied when the green arrow on the mail letter shows up at least in my case that is after this shows up i dont get any notification to apply updates…i have really slow internet like almost dile up speed an it is still less than 60 seconds…hope this helps like i said in my case my not work for everyone…but its how i know everything is good to go online. (in the top right corner of the scree under the gears u should see a envelope thats what im referring to when i start up the game there is bars with red x then after about a min it turns in to the envelope with the green arrow.

Lol, I don’t mash the buttons when I start playing…anyway, the game should be able to read if the hotfix has been applied or not! I have no idea if it was or not what I do know is that my Infinity’s output damage remains the same as previous to the hotfix (I wonder if they screwed this up too)!