Is the Immolate glitch (solo) still a thing?

I’ve been trying to find a Fire Norfleet and thus farming Hyperius for a while. I’ve been looking around and finding videos of an old glitch that I’m sure you’re all aware of. I understand that it was fixed after a patch, but I’ve been watching videos of people still doing it solo anyway, through a hilariously complicated process that I’ve been unable to replicate.

So, yeah, is there any way that I can do that, or was it patched further so that it can’t be done period?

I don’t think they like people talking about such things.

I believe you need someone in your game

enter a duel, have them kill you, then when you’re revived you have 0 health

it works using a second controller as well rather than having a different person in it

when you get down to 1 health, kill yourself with a grenade/rocket. when you respawn, you will be on 0 health

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