Is the Infinity any good for Athena?

I was thinking of making a way to gain Maelstrom stacks even FASTER, and I think a fire or shock Infinity would do the trick, due to it’s high fire rate and infinite ammo. What do you think?

The Infinity doesn’t exist in The-Pre Sequel though.


Unfortunately, the Infinity doesn’t exist in TPS :confused:
The best way imo is to toss some Storm Fronts, and enjoy. The Thunderfire is a good way to stack Maelstrom stacks since it has both Shock and Fire Damage.

But if you want to stick to Vladof pistols, then the Proleterian Revolution or a glitch Anarchist should do just fine :slight_smile:

These are both excellent suggestions for Athena. A glitch Anarchist is one of my favourite weapons…