Is the Linc Pistol able to come anointed?

Obviously this isn’t the most pressing issue to be in need of attention but has the issue with the Linc not coming w/ anointments been fixed? I ask occasionally on the hotfix/patch threads and have yet to receive an acknowledgement that it’s even in their radar.

Want to know if it’s safe to sink a few hours into getting one. Don’t want to waste my time.

Yes, I do ask this same question every time around the release of a new patch. So, anybody who has farmed for it OR an Infinity seen an anointed Linc?

I have not seen an anointed Linc. Have only found and used three though.

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I have not seen one either.

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Can confirm that even with the 100% anointment on M10 the Linc is NOT able to carry an anointed effect still.

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BUMP, anybody farmed for an Infinity and gotten a Linc? Was it anointed?