Is the loading screen loot...?

…defined by RNG?
Why I ask?, because I’ve never seen gen2 pearls (Wanderlust, Bekah, Godfinger and Carnage), legendary uniques (Norfleet, Longbow, Ogre…), Seraphs (Omen, Florentine, Lead Storm…) and blue uniques (Twister, Blockhead, Dog, Roksalt, etc.)

Huh, you know what?

I never even considered that. It may very well be? Maybe it is the LLM loot pool cause I see a LOT of legendaries.

Frankly, I just get tired of seeing the Pitchfork practically every other time I log on.

I don’t see Pitchforks very often. On the other hand… a lot of Deliverances and Hellfires.

You know, I think I’ve yet to see the Hellfire?

Conference call is practically everywhere though.

Saw a Hellfire, an ugly one, but a Hellfire anyway.

CCs are a frequent sight as well xD

Also I’ve never seen Class Mods or Relics during the load screens, always found that odd.

It’s loot generated by the game, but you will never see gear that wasn’t in the game at launch (they add guns but they don’t update the loading screen just for that)

As for the rarity, it simply isn’t weighted, so you have as much chance to see a Legendary as a white or blue.

I see at least one Flakker and one Unkempt Harold on almost every single session I do.

I see the Gub and the Gunerang a lot.

I’d be curious to know what the rules are. I mean, you’d think if it was based on an enemies pool you’d see the Class Mods or the Relics.

Kerblaster and the Veruc almost every time

Yeah, now that you two mentioned them, I remember seeing the Kerblaster, the Veruc and the Gunerang a lot. The Logan’s Gun too.

Which is why I see some guns with such mixed parts that I genuinely have trouble identifying what the hell that thing is.

It looks like Wall-E’s stapler.

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You know, when I first started paying attention to weapon parts, the loading screens were great in helping me memorize what they looked like. I would spend those few seconds looking at the randomly generated guns and go “ok, that’s a Bandit AR with a Bandit grip and a Dahl stock and… Vladof barrel?”. Nowadays I don’t even need cheat sheets anymore to identify most of the parts and it’s all thanks to the loading screens.


Same here. Now I can name most but not all.



I still have my doubts sometimes, but meh xD

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I see way too many Pitchforks and Skullmashers. It is always funny when a loading screen shows you the weapon you’re farming for, though. In a middle-finger-to-your-face kind of way.

That can’t be true. I swear I’ve seen a multitude of Pearls between screens.

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How can you tell ?

Pearls don’t all have a unique skin so there is no way to know if what you are seeing is an Unforgiven or a purple Jakobs Iron.

A few of them do but most don’t.

I for one have seen the butcher a lot

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