Is the Loot Drop increase worth farming?

Is the increase of Loot Drops worth my time to farm?

If not going for the dedicated; the anointment boost is a decent increase; world drops + vending machines look a bit nicer


absolutely not worth, that event is a scam

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I dunno, I’m at my fifth find of a Transformer shield and picked up 4 cutsmans from various places… Didn’t even look for Norman.

Worth time to farm? Or worth time to play the game? I prefer the latter, which should nullify the former.

It is always worth it. People are just time poor :slight_smile:


They are ruining this game.

Drop rates in M4 were absolutely atrocious prior to this “event”.

Now they are just terrible.

Add to the fact that people playing M4 have 0 as in, not even worth looking at, legendaries that are not annointed.

Yet in M4 we still are getting all unannointed legendaries.

There is 0 point in farming for a gun you may want unless you want to dedicate 20-30 hours for one boss, for one gun, with the annointment you want, even then, it may take 40-50 hours.

Farming is not fun anymore, i feel duped.


If you’re not looking for a specific item with a specific anointment, the event is fine. All the rare bosses spawn, and if you run through a bunch of areas you’ll get all kinds of stuff - I had some really good finds in the proving grounds.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for legendaries with specific anointments so you can run M4 Takedown after the scaling is removed, you’ll likely be as frustrated as you would have been without the event.

In short, the event is great for the average player - especially if they’re still levelling characters and don’t have a lot of stuff yet. For hardcore end-game grinders, not so much.


Yup, play the game and find out :+1:

I think it is worth giving a try, I’ve obtained quickly some items that I repeatedly failed to get. If that does not work in a reasonable amount of time better move on, because many people grinded for hours for nothing.


I’m not sure why others are stating they are not getting annointed drops. they are dropping like candy in my playtime so far, especially from Freddy farm. I have not tried for any dedicated drops yet, so maybe that is to what people are referring. so far so good for me. :man_shrugging:

Was there an increase in loot drops? I thought it was just in increase in the frequency that those ‘rare’ bosses would appear (which just lets you roll the same dice more often). If you weren’t happy with the rate at which perfectly anointed legendary gear dropped before, I’m not sure you’d notice a difference.

Not seeing any increase from the rare spawn specific drops. They are always there but still takes the same amount of time to see their drop…makes no sense. But besides the rare spawns, there’s anointments falling like rain.

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In the vanilla game the dedicated drops so far don’t feel like their drop rate is any better. However it feels like just about everything that drops on M4 has an anointment on it. (Which looks kind of funny to me to see white rarity items on the ground with anointments on them.)


No, really - did they alter the actual rate that Legendary gear drops?

The announcement states “During a limited-time mini-event we’ve dubbed Farming Frenzy, you can take advantage of increased drop rates and Rare Spawns showing up more often from January 16 to January 30.
For the next two weeks, you’ll have extra incentive to farm enemies with dedicated loot drops. That includes repeatable bosses from the main story campaign, Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter arenas, and the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, as well as named enemies including Rare Spawns, Hammerlock Hunts, and Targets of Opportunity. All these distinct, deadly baddies will be more likely to drop Legendary items from their respective loot pools—and as an added bonus, the Anointment rate for dropped gear has also been temporarily increased!”

So, it’s not all drops, just certain enemies and areas. I think all anointment rates are boosted, though, so still might be worth farming other areas.


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Also it’s been confirmed by folks who actually looked at the numbers changed that drops rates are up, for most of them by 20% which is really nice

BUT rare spawns might still be borked. Gearbox said that they fixed it with their hotfix yesterday but FromDarkHell tweeted that they changed the wrong number. So not sure how that ended up, I’ve heard a lot of complaints that rare spawns drop rates still feel pretty bad

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Which numbers? Did someone get their hands on the code?

yeah I hear about this sort of thing purely from lurking shadowevil’s discord and the details are definitely not in my wheelhouse, but I know they can tell a lot of stuff about possible parts/anointments/etc and some stuff about the drop system. And usually there is a pretty good sense of what hotfixes actually change

Can’t post just a quote.

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Ah - that’s where I got many of my UCP fixes for BL2 and learned to write a few of my own. They generally know what’s up.

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