Is the Lyuda a world drop, or am I just unlucky?

I have NEVER seen this sniper other than the one you get from zero. Do certain bosses have a higher chance of dropping one?

ive seen a few drop from graveward and also tinks on jacob’s estate


It is a world drop or you supposedly can get one from Tremendous Wrex at the end of Round 5 (I think?) of the Cistern of Slaughter, although I have never personally gotten one to drop from that enemy. I have seen a ton of them, but never any good anointed ones.

I got multiple if you’re on xbox I can help you out with 1.

I got one as a world drop but that’s the only one I have seen.

Farm Graveward. It’s a world drop and not hard to get. Should be able to get one in less than an hour at M2 level or higher.

It will take longer if you’re looking for specific attachments and anointments. I’ve been farming for 2 weeks and still haven’t found a Rakk Attack anointed Molten Lyuda.

I’ve gotten a couple from Giga. You also get one from Zero by eliminating all the targets.

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In my personal experience this is very optimistic. I’d guesstimate my average is less than 1 in 10 hours. RNG is sometimes your friend, sometimes not. :slight_smile:

Ouch. Better get started.

Slaughter Shaft or Graveward are great places to farm them. Legendaries dropping like rain in the SS, and Graveward is an easy kill for almost all characters even at M4, given some basic gear.

I will try farming graveward. Any easy ways to kill him with amara?

Definitely a world/boss drop. Got one from Borman Nates (or a loot ghost in the same location – not sure anymore) and at least 5 from Killavolt. Killavolt seems to drop them as often as Transformers (and if you’ve got a Transformer, that’s a very easy fight).

Playing on M4, mind you. Don’t know if he drops them on lower levels.

LOL unfortunately the Lyuda is the best legitimate way for most characters. Or you can do the good old Scourge crit swap with an Unforgiven, that makes quick work of him. Cheesy but it is fast and gets the job done. If you need more help, check Youtube, tons of fast ways to kill Graveward there.

So I need a lyuda to get the lyuda? Nice. :smile:

I got one off of Gigamind, who is way faster to kill than Graveward.

Can anyone educate me on what’s special about Lyuda? I use it for single target sometimes, but can’t see what’s special about it.

Well, since the bullet spawns two more bullets (with full damage each) after a short distance, and it has a very high fire rate for a sniper, it can do a feckton of damage, especially against medium-large crit spots.

It shoots 3 pellets when fired which diverge long distance. For large enemies it destroys them, especially graveward, as one shot does 3x the damage plus a massive crit bonus.

Ahh, thank you DocStrangelove and nathanaelnr1201.

I’ve been using it too close range. Will try Graveward with it tonight! Thanks!

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Yeah, I get these the way other people seem to get Woodblockers (have probably sold six back to Marcus anyway).

I got one out of a cardboard box.