Is the Naught shield any good?

I haven’t seen too much about these but I’m very interested in the 0.00 recharge delay. Does anyone have a lvl 70 they would be willing to trade? The best thing I have so far is a glitched Ravager I was lucky enough to find.

I’m saving these TFTB giveaways until I do get to 70. I was wondering about the Naught and those weapons. The Enforcer head is odd, but I do like the skin.

I’m leaning on the “not good” side. The red text effect cuts into the Recharge rate hard, I got one with two Bandit parts (which supposedly has the best recharge rate of all shield manufacturers), and It was abysmal in comparison to my 1.09 recharge delay Tediore shield. It feels gimmicky at best.

the shield to me is a MUST HAVE at lvl 70 against Eclipse/EOS when he does those rocket volleys,moonshot cannon,eye beams…you can litterally just walk around in the “lava” and the shield won’t go down…it makes the fight a hell of a lot more manageable.

Awesome good to know

Do you have one to trade?

The Naught is very good shield, all bandit or part pangolin is great. Glitched Amp or blue is like bee on lower amp and not necessary for Jack the 200% rech rate com. BTW to farm a perfect part and perfect error code is like playing Toto lol. Imagine a perfect Snider with yellow and green, yuck. One good thing, all low fire rate Maliwan, torgue and jakobs pistols with right part and all 4 colors are real badass. This will make bl2 OP8 challenge more fun or much easier.

I’m on ps4

Bummer. I’m on 360.

would you be able to trade me a naught shield, im on ps4

No problem PSN :KelsoHi2

I love the naught. I always use it on my claptrap against EOS.

what is the shield type?

If you mean who makes it. It is a blue Tediore shield.