Is the needle gun even useful?

So based on the info about this gun,…it seems horrible.
Extremely low damage the debuff is only affective when using this gun since it goes away within 2 seconds of not doing damage.

And it fires slow moving darts, so regardless of how much the fire rate increases the darts would still not move any faster and it has a cooldown on the mag refill so it can’t even give infinite ammo.

And the stack limit is 10 at 200 percent max, that would only be enough to put you barely above non mayhem smgs.

Am I just understanding this wrong?

This gun is surprisingly good. The lootlemon description does not really do it justice. It uses a lot of ammo though (like most Tediore weapons do).

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With a good anoint it is not that bad, it is not meta though

It can if you keep firing infinitely build damage and when you throw it does alot of damage. Been able to throw 200ks with little to no effort shooting a bit then throw and keep shooting… But then again i crit for that with a pew pew starting after a second.

This was the first gun I got in Cartel and it seemed pretty good until the other ones started to drop. Haven’t touched it since.

I have a few of these guns and havent used them yet but ive never liked and very rarely ever use Tediore weapons.

I may give it a try later but I cant see it replacing anything in my current loadout … The Kaoson has been the new smg ive been using and I like it alot.

hmm ok.
so its pretty alright but most things are still better.

It’s trash

See the problem with that is my Ice Monarch does more then 200k per shot. It’s truly what most SMG’s are in this game. Crap unfortunately.

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Banger of a clone gun

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I can see that, so this gun is only really useful for the strongest character in the game lol, with the clone he gets free auto debuffs and can then switch to his main gun. :man_facepalming:

Zane isn’t the strongest character in the game by a long shot right now. A lot of people would even argue he’s probably the worst outside of some specific situations.
He outperforms Fl4k in survivability and Amara in single target damage (which isn’t that big of a deal because you’ll usually run into groups of enemies anyways and Amara obliterates groups) but that’s it.
Moze has better damage and comparable survivability (with the added advantage of ammo regen), Fl4k has better single target burst damage, Amara can chain-clear entire rooms full of enemies and even bosses and all of them have a more varies selection of builds and viable class mods.

I thought this gun was supposed to be a nod to the Halo needler guns. As such, its strength would rely on how it is used - e.g. hit and run or hide and shoot tactics; let the gun home in on the target until it is dead.

Or am I missing something?