Is the Night Hawkin wonky?

I’ve found a number of Arctic Night Hawkins, every time I pick it up it’s damage has a x3 after it. If I give it to another character or when I log back in that x3 damage is gone and never returns. This confuses me… Anyone have anything on this?

From the wiki, not sure if correct but may help.

" Variants of the Night Hawkin that have a damage multiplier will fire multiple projectiles per shot without using additional ammo. The multiplier is only active during the day and will not display at night when the multiplier is not active.

  • Due to a bug or limitation, any multiplier will only display on the weapon if either the game is loaded or the weapon is first picked up while it is the appropriate time of day and the gun can change modes. Guns stored on Sanctuary III never display this multiplier when the game is reloaded, even if they do when freshly stored."

Interesting, so it’s there but not displayed… bugs… sheesh. Thanks for the info!

Hell of a lovely gun though.

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During the day, its Cryo with 1 projectile. At night it switches to Fire, and fires off 3 projectiles. With that and its “burst fire as fast as you pull the trigger” gimmick, it means you can put out a ton more damage at night than during the day, but it also means you’re giving up damage to armor for damage to flesh.

There’s something goofy with pellet counts in general in this game. They don’t display correctly all the time. I’ve seen countless Nighthawkins show a x2 as well. I had a Linoge show a x7 once. Looked at it the next day and it was x5. Not sure what causes a pellet count glitch.

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The Nighthawkens red text causes the gun to do Incendiary damage and fire two additional pellets(for a total of 3) during night time on any given map. Depending on what time of day the map it drops on is the weapon card can be strange listing the gun as having x3 or some times x3 returning to Sanctuary while its night time can also cause the weapon card to bug up and display x3 for the rest of your game session regardless of travel or time of day. Rest assured this is just a display bug. By all appearances the gun functions as intended all the time.

The one issue you may run in to is how some maps day and night cicle isn’t very clear like on Nekrotefayo or planets who’s day and night cicle is faster then others. Moze the Gunner dose have a watch that has a 24 hour clock showing the time of day on each planet. Sanctuary has 00:00 as the ship is out in space and time is relative in space XD.

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