Is the Ogre worth building around for Moze?

Ogre is one of those weapons that I always wished was good. I tried it out, and while not as strong as the Flipper on Fire Hose Moze, it was still able to deal decent damage to Graveward.

Is this thing more than a gimmick yet? Perhaps I should try a different anointment to consecutive hits.

Also I don’t think that 30% was enough of a buff to grenades, but I could be wrong. Any recommendations for good grenade mods for Moze? Ideally I’d like something that can actually kill enemies or heal Moze, otherwise I may as well just use It’s Piss for debuffs.

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I’ve had great results from the Miracle Bomb grenade from DLC3 with my Fl4k. Might be good on Moze? Haven’t tried it on Moze or with the new buff but it might be worth trying out. Before I was using the CMT, I was enjoying the Spring Epicenter and that’s probably worth trying. But overall, yeah, the consensus seems to be that 30% was a nice step in the right direction, just not far enough.

Haven’t tried the Ogre yet, but I found this video quite helpful for getting my head around the recent buffs:

The Ogre is great for mobbing now, though it is going to fall behind elemental guns for bossing.

Consecutive hits is probably the best anoint overall, but the 300v2 anoint is really strong on the x2 variant now.

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I recently used the orge alot with my splash damage Moze on mayhem 10 through dlc 3 really enjoyed it, one of my main weapons for her now

X2 varient ,
Consecutive hits bonus
Torgue cross promotion at 5/5
Fire in the Skagg Den at 5/5
Shot Fuze
Cloud of lead 5/5
Scorching RPMs 5/5
Iron Bank as high as you have points
Experimental Munitions
Blastmaster Mod with Splash Bonus as one of perks
Artifact with AoE Bonus and Mag Bonus

Totally…and I mean TOTALLY viable at M10

The only gun that may be better in this instance is the Blue Red Text La Varlope from DLC 1 but it’s a tad harder to handle from recoil…


Swap out the splash bonus for an action skill damage roll. Thank me later.


Is this to boost Short Fuse/FiTSD?

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To answer OP’s question: totally viable.

x2 CH with this skilltree

and a blast master was able to carry me through the whole MTTD, bosses included. And it was an effortless run.

Oh man…something I don’t know…

Can you enlighten me?

Why is this better than a normal splash bonus on a mainly infantry Moze?

On a Blastmaster specifically, more splash damage isn’t a huge difference because there’s already a 100% bonus.

The nature of damage calculation in this game means it’s better to diversify bonuses because of the way different ones tend to multiply against each other and similar ones are simply added together, providing less of a boost. This has been covered heavily by @Prismatic and others in the pinned posts and I’m sure you know.

The Action Skill Damage bonus roll on class mods appears to be an extra multiplier not only to IB hardpoints but also Shortfuse and Fire in The Skag Den. It also seems to effect Melee.

The boost it gives is significant.

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This is not the case for Short Fuse. Splash is also a special case and more often than not still wins even with Blast Master and a splash anoint. I would have to do the numbers to be certain in a specific case, but from comparing similar cases I’m confident to say that splash damage would still provide more damage.


Really? The difference I get swapping coms is noticeable.

I was under the impression that action skill damage affected anything that scales with mayhem. I’m happy to be wrong though.

another gun to check out is the sawbar dude. U may fall in love


Ogre is definitely a go to weapon now. I feel like my next 2 mags cryo is doing more work than the consecutive hits. My aim isn’t the best also.

Anyone tried the Juliet’s dazzle post buff? How’s it stack up against the ogre?

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Juliet’s dazzle blows it out of the water.
Reduced chance of self destruction too.

Breaks my heart to hear, but if Ogre is at least viable now, I’m happy.

The Ogre is DOPE!

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As long as it is not Takedown related (especially the Guardian Takedown), there are definitely a lot more weapons that are usable for mobbing on M10. Though usable mobbing weapons are not going to be in the same league as the Flipper or Beacon on Moze.

I’ve completed both takedowns using my Ogre primarily. It does just fine.