Is the online for the PS3 version of TPS extremely inactive?

Haven’t played this since I last made my new PSN account. I want to purchase the DLCs again, but I’m hesitant since I’m assuming that not many people still are playing this on the PS3 version. Also heard that there are some shift codes for the holidays; definitely want to check that out as well.

Yeah it’s still pretty active online. I’m playing it for the first time now. Feel free to add me on PS3. PSN: WhiteBoy_Frosty

Nice. When you transfer your save to the PS4, does it transfer everything? Haven’t bought a PS4 yet because I’m hoping to get accepted to these high-end UCs this year fingers crossed If I don’t get accepted then I’ll end up going next gen; but for now, I’m just looking to get my characters to a high level so when I upgrade to next gen, I can transfer them all over.

Yes, it’s sapose to transfer everything but I’m not 100 percent about it. I haven’t done it myself but a firend of mine said it does

Awesome. I’ll add you when I get online!