Is the red text effect on the Celestial Doppelganger broken?

So. As many of you on the forums know, Jack’s Celestial Doppelganger COM gives amazing boosts to skills and has nice bonuses, but the red text effect isn’t really that good. I find that instead of granting reverse recoil off the bat like one would expect, the reverse recoil only kicks in when my weapon has reached max accuracy and is almost completely useless on weapons with small magazines or low fire rates. Just wondering if this was intentional or not, because this really makes me favour an antagonist or Chronicler of Elpis COM

I have found it has a noticeable improvement with things like beam lasers and Jakobs guns but not dramatic like Nisha’s Showdown. Try it with and without with a Maliwan beam laser - it works for me and well enough that it’s become my default COM

It’s a double edged sword. It doesn’t have the quick effect like regular Hyperion weapons, but it also doesn’t give your weapons horrible default accuracy and recoil. But really it does just what the item card says it does: Sustained fire increases your Accuracy with all guns. It doesn’t grant reverse recoil, it slowly increases your accuracy over time. But the effect can stack infinitely, making it worth the fact it stacks slowly on the right guns.

Try it with Maliwan beams, Torgue Spitters, or anything with a yellow glitch that refills part of your mag on a kill. You can make anything reach 100% accuracy with a yellow glitch and enough things to kill. My personal favorite for it is the Torgue Spitter and it is perfectly effective in general mobbing, but I’ve even done a Bandit Quad shotgun on the guardian hunter mission just to see what would happen. Another popular pick is a red glitch Maliwan beam, and you just use the following to keep it going.

10/5 Just Compensation, Absolute Advantage, and 10/5 Marginal Benefits should help mitigate losing stacks when you’d normally need to reload.

And the Antagonist and CoE aren’t his best coms for general play. I wrote a guide about all of his coms in depth if you care to take a look.

@Jefe Unless I’m missing something the special effect of the CD doesn’t work with Jakobs weapons, as you need an automatic weapon for it to proc.


Yes. Actually I thought that I needed to edit that out because I haven’t actually noticed anything substantial ( or at all ). Beam lasers seems to get the greatest benefit and I should probably leave it at that.

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Yeah, I use it with the Rosie and Vibra-Pulse. I just don’t find it nearly as useful as it should be

It works best on the guns that need it most. Beam lasers, ARs, and other weapons that would normally have terrible accuracy under sustained fire hit bullseyes once the effect kicks in fully. For those weapons, the accuracy increase is perhaps the single biggest DPS increase they can get, so I’d say it’s worth it.

I don’t really find assault rifles that innaccurate, even while spraying with a bandit. I find the recoil easy to control on basically all weapon types, even beam lasers, so would you guys reccomend this over the Chronicler of Elpis COM based purely on the skills and bonuses?

Well just tell us what the gear you’re using is. If you’re using cryo weapons it’ll be hard for the CD to beat it in most scenarios, or if you’re using Jakobs neither of them is really that good.

Personally I find it hard to not use AA boosting coms on him, since that is his specialty and I never feel that I’m lacking survivability or utility on him. So I just ramp up the damage to help him stay competitive with some of the other characters. I just pop on the CD when I feel like having fun with the hand full of weapons it has near perfect synergy with.

I’m using the cheat code, a shock rosie, the excalibastard and the nukem with a shield of ages

Edit: Damn it. Forgot to mention that I haven’t specced into AA

Well without AA these are considered his better coms for general play.

  • Celestial Doppelganger
  • Eridian Vanquiser
  • CoE
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hero

Personally after a quick look I’d probably suggest the EV or the Entrepreneur, especially the EV. 3 of the guns really stand to gain nothing from the CD. And if you aren’t basically using all cryo weapons the CoE is sub par for anything but the digi-Jack Optimism build.

Plus these aren’t really the best weapons for Jack anyway, and I can think of some flat upgrades for most of them. I’m also interested in what Jack build doesn’t at least have 5/5 in AA if you care to share.

If I could guess, it’s probably a hero build that specs FE up to MIP. That kind of gear sounds like a good bet for that kind of build.

Kinda. I don’t use the left tree much as I instead rather putting as many points into my middle and right hand trees as possible. I don’t happen to have a fatale yet, because I’m too lazy to farm for one and my cheat code has a scav grip and dahl stock with a mag size increase (which partially mitigate the small magazine size). I will gladly take any gear reccomendations into account

You’re blowing my mind man. :stuck_out_tongue: Did you switch up the left and the right tree or is there some reason you purposely skipped AA? Since I’m confused I’ll help suggest gear after you respond to this, and just copy your build and post it using this site to help minimize confusion/so I can see all that you’re specced into.

I hate pet builds. Maybe my build isn’t very good but it suits my playstyle

I’m so sorry, I thought I read you skipped the right tree. Deleting stupid post.

A few notes though:

  1. You have 10/5 teamwork, you really don’t need the 5 points in delegation. You’re over tanking with those skills.

  2. I don’t know what platform you play on, but with a shock rosie and a cheat code, I’m fairly confident you’re approaching some fire rate caps on console. Sponsored by, Believe, and Accountability should cover your fire rate needs, so 10 points in Incentives is probably unnecessary.

This is how I’d change it,auto

Hope that helps.


I’m playing pc and yeah, stupidly high fire rate increases are my thing. Maybe AA will help, but I dunno, I’ll have to respec. The main goal of my build was to always have my kill skills up, have my digi-jacks dying and taking damage and having a stupid fire rate for dps. When I get home, I’ll give your build a go

With Optimism, you’ll have absolutely no problems killing your Jacks, and you’ll save 4 points. If you spam quasars, or are just good at dodging, accountability will give you 50% fire rate, and you’ll have more damage overall.

Give it a go when you get the chance.

Just one question, should I use a glitch bushwack with a vertical grip over a flayer?

Go with the flayer. It’s almost the same number of pellets for a far greater accuracy and similar damage. The vertical grip will also kill the accuracy on an already inaccurate gun.