Is the rocketeer Class Mod glitched/broken?

I equipped it on my Moze but everytime I exit early it disappears and I don’t get any of my cooldown refunded?

That’s the point of the Rocketeer COM - you forfeit refunded cooldown entirely for much longer periods of Auto Bear. You want to enter/exit just like proccing anointments, you’ll lose Auto Bear uptime if you pilot even for a little bit with Rocketeer equipped.

you need the auto bear skill the make it work
thats something i recognized
it doesnt work without the skill

Oh i misread it. i thought auto bear stays active like a pet AI if you leave early.

I do? thats dumb. i thought it was the whole point of the mod to change it. I just started moze since theres no event active rn and she’s my only non existent VH rn. I’m only lvl 18 with her. Thank you for the help.

the point is that the skill only gives you 15 seconds of auto bear
the class mod makes it a solid minute or more if he doesnt die