Is the RokSalt a good weapon?

Personally I think it’s a great shotgun, even at (my current 61) level cap. The only Bandit gun worth running aside from Slagga and Chopper. I alternate between a fire RokSalt and a Heartbreaker on my Krieg main, it works wonders.

I use a slag variant with Gaige. I like it largely because the reload speed is very fast, so if I need to reload while trying to build Anarchy stacks, I’ll reload some other slow weapon first (and she’s Bandit allegiance, so much of her other stuff takes forever to reload). Once Discord starts, I immediately switch to the RokSalt for the fast reload, which cancels Discord very quickly. It’s also surprisingly accurate for a Bandit shotgun (or is that just me?)

I mean it has slightly better stats and a much better reload compared to its blue counterpart. I used to like it too when I was new to this game. But after I learned more I found that it was just an ok gun, nothing really special.

The Teeth of Terramorphous, Jolly Rodger, Sawbar, Badaboom, Tattler, and to a lesser extent Sledge’s Shotgun are all top tier Bandit weapons that are some of the best weapons in the game.

I’d recommend the Omen for mobbing with Krieg and the Interfacer for bossing. If they are to hard to get I recommend using the Blockhead for mobbing in the mean time since its an easier farm and almost as powerful, but with better range.

Here’s Kriegs new TG thread.

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Not much of a fan of those myself, but that’s personal preference. I’m not a fan of fixed spreads, save for the Heartbreaker which is easily predictable and doesn’t really necessitate any certain distance:crosshair ratio, I’ve never found a Pearlescent ever in my entire Borderlands career, I rarely use rocket launchers,and I’d never heard of the Tattler truth be told.

Again, they’re probably great weapons. I just don’t really like them.

Same deal as the others. Spread patterns are too difficult for me to work with. I really hope I’m not sounding like a jerk, I swear it’s not the intention. xD Again, probably great weapons. I just can’t be arsed to learn spread patterns.[quote=“khimerakiller, post:3, topic:1253098”]
Here’s Kriegs new TG thread.[/quote]
Seen it, took a lot of into account when constructing my current Hellmania build.

All of its stats are great compared to same-level Bandit shotties. My favorite part is that you don’t get the abysmal reload speed that regular Bandit weapons have, and is in fact better than regular shotties, at not only no cost to other stats but other stats are boosted.

No downside to it, other than there being other, better shotguns out there. But that still leaves the question of whether or not the RokSalt is a good weapon on its own merit, and not in comparison.

Yes, it’s a good weapon.
But it’s not a GREAT weapon

Having a good reload speed is neat, until you realize that it’s probably the least important stat on a shotgun with such a huge magazine. I’d rather have increased fire rate like the Dog or increased accuracy like the Jolly Roger. If it had increased damage instead, it might crack the “great” category. What helps it compared to the other is that it has the jakobs barrel, which makes it more accurate and more powerful per pellet. the slight boost in all categories makes it the equivalent of a purple or slightly better…

The best Bandit shotgun is probably the Jolly Roger. The fixed spread is a BIG help in making it usable. it basically has all the stats of a normal Bandit shotgun with the same parts, but about 3x the accuracy because of its fixed spread. You also don’t have to learn to use it, it’s as predictable as the heartbreaker.

Teeth of Terra is probably a close second, but you have to learn to use the unique spread on that one, so it’s probably not for you. Other than that, if you like Bandit shotguns, the Roksalt is a good pick. :slight_smile:

If you can farm for parts, consider the Jakobs grip and accuracy prefix: they both increase accuracy so you can use it at medium range, and not having the matching grip bonus is not a big problem considering its reload speed boost (and already good mag size) The accuracy accessory also increases fire rate, and the Jakobs grip will cancel out the damage penalty that comes with it.

The Tattler is basically a slagga that comes in all elements with slow bullets. It’s awesome. Pretty much all bandit SMGs are great anyway.

I only like it because of the quick reload. It’s good to get when your leveling but, I would rather use a jolly Rodger or teeth of terra if I’m using a bandit shottie.
As for your question it’s good but not amazing
Also the tattler is drop from hyperious.

I tried using a shock RokSalt as an alternative for shield-stripping Pete. The biggest problem with that, is that to get the best use out of it you have to be close. This puts you in melee range and also means you can’t break line-of-sight as easily when Pete’s winding up a nova blast. It was pretty good against stalkers though!

In the past, I always left this mission so I could get a max level version on each mode. In retrospect, I think it’s better to take it when it comes up, as there are better shotties to be had. In addition to the above: a Heartbreaker or Blockhead is better IMO than a fire RokSalt (manufacturer aside).

Using it against Pete just sounds like a bad idea lol. Even in nvhm. I’m sure you know how to kill Pete so I won’t give advice lol. But yeah the roksalt isn’t a bad gun.

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When you don’t have a shock Sandhawk, you get kinda desperate… I also tried a shock bone shredder!

I’d much rather use a bone shredder. Heck even a shock bitch. Better yet a trespasser to knock the helmet off than a shock lady fist.

One word, and then I’ll let this get back on topic: ammo

But yeah, the RokSalt: pick it up when the mission makes it available and use it; probably not worth holding out for a max level one in NVHM/TVHM though

Good point I’ve only ever fought him at high levels.
Also back on topic now

I prefer the Dog, but I like both guns. The fact is however, that the Dog simply has more stopping power and that’s the thing I care about most in a shotgun. The extra ammo-consumption isn’t really an issue for me since I almost never use shotguns as primary weapons. They are specialty weapons: anti-Badass tools, a way to get rid of the annoying Psycho pinning you down, etc…


The Roksalt is definitely a mobbing gun: low DPS, mediocre accuracy but a pretty good punch for only 2 ammo.

Probably at its best with characters that can increase its fire rate like Sal, Krieg or Maya.
And with a big mag size, Gaige can get away with not reloading it between kills and gets a lot out of better half, though the JR is a better gun in her case since the fixed spread is less affected by Anarchy.

The best thing about it is not the reload, it’s the increased stats across the board: more fire rate, accuracy, one more pellet. It’s slightly better than a purple, and since it’s turned in in sanctuary, farming for good parts is less of a hassle.

It also has a cool name :sunglasses:

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As a backup special weapon, I agree. But the Roksalt has the potential to be used as a main weapon, while the Dog falls a bit flat.

It’s easier to compare the Dog to the JR IMO, and the JR wins that comparison hands down.

Fixed that for you, thank me later, k-bye.

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I looked up the background on the name - pretty interesting. Not sure I’d want to be on the receiving end of a blast of rock salt, though!

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Decent weapon but I never end up using it because I get the 1340 Shotgun at the same time during every play through.

You could also make a solid case for the Teeth of Terramorphous as the best. I prefer to stay out of affirmation like this. :wink: