Is the RokSalt a good weapon?

I can’t believe I downed the teeth at first. It turned out to be so good.

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The funny thing is: after playing this game for over 2 years, I still find guns that I initially dismissed and then found out were good. :slight_smile:

Granted, that’s much less frequent now, but I still find a surprise from time to time.

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Same here

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Outside some specific shaped targets the Jolly is more reliable.

Sure, it’s very good.

But if I’m playing Krieg or Maya or Hoarder Sal, I’d much rather have the same output for 1/3 the ammo. If you can get in close like these 3 (and arguably Gaige too) the Teeth is a very good gun.

No its all good you are allowed to your opinion. I was just sharing mine. :watermelon:

In this game one of the balancing features they like to use is unique firing patterns. They make really good guns hard to use, and require that you adjust your playstyle, range, or where you aim at an enemy to get the most out of it. I personally love this. It is a much better alternative to reducing other stats to compensate for the bonus to another. It makes me think and plan and take things into account that I normally never would have. And is one of the reasons I am enamored with this game, and it has spoiled me when I try to play other FPSs.

If you take the alternative balancing feature where you say F all the other stats for one big stat, you get guns like the Elephant Gun. But if you use the firing pattern to balance the weapon you get the most powerful guns in the game. The Pimpernel, Bekah, Lyuda, Omen, Sandhawk, Sawbar, Unkempt Harold, Creamer, Hail, Kitten, Lead Storm, Fibber, Interfacer, Flakker, Twister, Teeth of Terra, Longbow, ect…

Hell I’m sure its why you and I love Krieg so much. He is literally marketed as a “unique firing pattern” character. Basically screw all your knowledge about how you previously played this game. You now give zero ■■■■■ about your shield being up. Health stacking is an extremely good thing. You now have to kill enemies in a specific way to get the buffs you want. You want gun damage, then find a way to kill an enemy with an explosion. You want grenade damage, then think of a way to boost you melee high enough to reliably kill things with it. And the game rewards you handsomely if you take the time to learn how to do new things.

If you’ve got the time, take my word and go out of your comfort zone. You won’t be disappointed.


I’d picked one up before, during my first Pirate’s Booty playthrough, and I was using Maya. Didn’t really like it. It’s been several years since then though, so it might be worth taking your word and revisiting it.[quote=“Chuck80, post:6, topic:1253098”]
Having a good reload speed is neat, until you realize that it’s probably the least important stat on a shotgun with such a huge magazine. I’d rather have increased fire rate like the Dog or increased accuracy like the Jolly Roger. If it had increased damage instead, it might crack the “great” category. What helps it compared to the other is that it has the jakobs barrel, which makes it more accurate and more powerful per pellet. the slight boost in all categories makes it the equivalent of a purple or slightly better…
Thing about large mag and fast reload is, you never really stop firing for an extended period of time. Personally I like this bit. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten downed because I emptied my mag at the most inopportune time. Though I do agree that fire rate is almost universally better than reload speed for the sake of DPS, great reload speed can win you fire fights in a pinch. Which is really the only time I pull out my shotgun anyway.[quote=“Chuck80, post:6, topic:1253098”]
If you can farm for parts, consider the Jakobs grip and accuracy prefix: they both increase accuracy so you can use it at medium range, and not having the matching grip bonus is not a big problem considering its reload speed boost (and already good mag size) The accuracy accessory also increases fire rate, and the Jakobs grip will cancel out the damage penalty that comes with it.
I always make sure I have a Jakobs grip on my RokSalts. B) My fav shotgun grip (though admittedly mostly because it looks cool).[quote=“Chuck80, post:6, topic:1253098”]
The Tattler is basically a slagga that comes in all elements with slow bullets. It’s awesome. Pretty much all bandit SMGs are great anyway.
[/quote]Does sound useful for certain elemental builds. Not sure if it would be replacing my Hellfire though. My Hellfire’s got sentimental value.

Well, pretty much all builds, elemental or not. A NE Tattler is still a great gun, and outside the Sandhawk, you would be hard pressed to find higher DPS out of an SMG.

Just to be sure: you know that the grip part on a shotgun is the foregrip ? The one you pump on a real-life shotgun?
The one with the trigger is actually part of the stock and doesn’t affect stats nearly as much as the grip.

Oh, didn’t know if you meant NE or not, lmao. Looking at it from that perspective yeah, it’d be a great weapon, though I don’t expect anything else from a Seraph. Besides, three projectiles for one ammo is never a bad thing.

Actually now that I think about it it’d probably be good for my Maya.

Yeah, I know. You talking about the pump-action with the little metal lever looking thing under the barrel? Yeah I just think it looks cool, lmao. The bonus accuracy certainly doesn’t hurt though.

That’s a vertical grip: an accessory. It can spawn with any grip. The grip is the part that it attaches to.

I’m on my phone so I can’t, but could anyone link the parts guide ? :slight_smile:

Well damn.

I’m more versed on BL1 parts anyway, I admit I’m out of my element with BL2 gun parts. xD

Just to be clear, I’m talking about this thing.

Here’s the one on grips from the old forums - pictures aren’t best quality but they’re cropped to just the grip:

Edit: Skip the above - seems to be missing some shots for some reason. This is a better one

Plenty of other links here:

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OK, you’re fine then, that is a Jakobs grip. Hard to go by with just descriptions.

[quote=“Chuck80, post:25, topic:1253098”]The funny thing is: after playing this game for over 2 years, I still find guns that I initially dismissed and then found out were good.[/quote]Eventually I became one with the game, and every gun was good.


Except (blue rarity and under) Maliwan pistols.

I’ve found a slag RokSalt was a very reliable means of slagging enemies and even picking off some weaker mob enemies just by itself. Likely the Jolly Roger would be even better, but for what it is, those two would really be the only slag shotguns I’d use. Typically I’d leave slagging to grenades/skill abilities/Grog or Pimpernel in most other cases.

To me, the Rocksalt, the Dog and the Jolly Roger are the 3 bandit shotguns that redeem the brand, as long as they have Hyperion/Tediore grips and the accuracy accessory [Sketer prefix].

My Zer0 runs with a fire Sketer Rocksalt [hyperion grip], a corrosive Sketer Dog [hyperion grip] and a slag Sketer Jolly Roger [tediore grip].

Plus a Texas Triquetra [jakobs grip! lucky!] because that thing is a beast and looks beautiful.

And a Casual SWORDSPLOSION because honestrly, who doesn’t? So badass!

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