Is the Rough Rider buff glitch still working?

Just heard about this glitch where if you switch in and out(over and over) of wearing the Rough Rider shield, all the passive abilities like movement speed, reload speed and melee damage get increased with each switch out. LOL Borderlands power glitches, there’s always one.

In BL2 we had the evil smasher glitch for enormous damage buffs.
in The Pre-Sequel we had the glitch gun Jakobs Muckamuck fire rate/reload speed buff where if you reloaded and got the yellow glitch for increased fire rate, it would switch over to all equipped guns when switching weapons. Changed the whole game.

Now I’m seeing this glitch/buff for BL3. The video I saw the guy was buffing the movement speed attribute of the shield. He did it for like 2 minutes straight and by that time his character was getting across the map in like 5 seconds it was ridiculous. He also showed the increased buff for the reload speed and it was so fast there was hardly any animation for it.

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seen one where the shield gave you fire rate increase on deplete and people where rubberbanding their controller into suicide mode up untill the point where the infinity gun started glitching weird sounds :rofl:

i ran a zane infinity build for a long time (farming the right infinity with the right anointment is pretty hard actualy) and stacked fire rate hahaha. i can only imagine how OP that must have been :rofl:

Well that’s the thing with this glitch, one version of the RR shields boots movement speed which you can tie into gun damage with Zane. The faster he goes, the more damage. The video I saw showed the guy one shotting multiple bosses and have no problems with the Maliwan takedown. He did it in like 3-5 minutes.

yeah but with some good gear the game is allready easy enough hahaha

for me most bosses (except wotan) take around 5 seconds to destroy hahaha :sweat_smile:

but it’s allways fun seeing things explode :smiley:

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Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that. I have a radiation Infinity with +100 cryo. I’d try this but the only fire rate RR I have comes with move bonus. I’m still waiting for that alto to return after spamming that glitch for 10 mins. Maybe he traveled back in time and is now a baby.

I’d totally watch a web series with baby Zane.

My first rough Rider I got was the featherweight rough Rider. Roid and movement speed. You could insta-kill anything.