Is the screen tearing something a patch could fix?

They’d just need to give us the option to enable Vsync to fix this, right? I know it would take a hit on the fps but I for one would gladly accept that hit. It’s a shame that a feature highly advertised (60fps) would only work by impacting the visual performance. As many know, it’s incredibly noticeable in TPS (on the XB1 at least) but not an issue in BL2.

I really hope so. I haven’t really noticed it too much in gameplay but it is really bad during cut scenes

I completely agree. I’m playing it on PS4 and BL2 has run fine for the majority of my experience (the only time I had any screen tearing or FPS loss was after the Final Boss of the Tina DLC), but in TPS, it is EVERYWHERE. I am seriously annoyed that this is even a thing. I hope we can see any kind of fix to these issues. It annoys me because, I was promised this: “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection includes the definitive versions of both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, built specifically for next-gen consoles.”

Was it or was it just ported though

Good Point :smile:

Yeah, it’s extremely distracting in TPS on Xbox One, and I’m not usually one of those people that makes a big deal out of such things. I really don’t understand why it’s so bad in one game and not the other? Aren’t they basically the same thing?

Software is such an integral part of how hardware functions these days it would be very unlikely that a patch couldn’t fix it.

If this screen tearing is as common and as terrible as people are saying here then I cannot see why it would have been released in such a buggy state in the first place.

Seems like these days it’s not worth buying new releases.

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What is screen tearing?

When you’re moving around, you see this artifacting on the screen that sometimes looks like a wavy set of lines that move along the screen. Basically when pan around the screen, it’s not consistent and looks like the image is ‘tearing’ apart in certain spots.


Youve experienced it I’m sure its when the video tries to draw two frames in a single refresh which causes noticeable lines and actually has the appearance as if the system is lagging.

Its not terrible when it isnt frequent but if it frequently happens it makes the game unplayable.


I just played tps on ps4 and I can tell you the problem is bad enough to make it unplayable.

How it made it to production like this is beyond me.

BL2 is fantastic but tps is just terrible.

Edit I take that back tps seems fine outside of the cut screens like the intro video.

If anyone is interested what screen tears look like just watch the intro video for tps in this video:

Skip about 1 minute 30 seconds in.

Edit: its about 2:20 in.

I would take a RESOLUTION hit to 900p/60fps LOCKED over a 1080p/30fps LOCKED version.

Either way they have to lock the frame rate to fix this. It is really really bad on the Pre Sequel. Not too bad on BL2.

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Good description of what screen tearing is, thanks! I didn’t know what it actually was but I was seeing something but couldn’t describe it to my buddies but that’s actually what it is.
BL2 runs great for me on the XO (few drops in framerate) and TPS runs ok. I notice some framerate drops more often and the screen tearing sucks but I seem to only notice it when I’m driving around mostly.

Great idea. This would be best option IMO. If they go down to 30fps i will be selling my copy for sure. I cant see them doing it though.

Washburne Refinery Bl2 had screen tearing almost the whole time. Playing on PS4.

On TPS (XBO) I have constantly screen tearing at approximately the middle of the screen. And it is the same with my friends.

I have a lot of screen tearing on TPS, but not nearly as much(if any) on BL2 on xbox one. TPS is still very playable, but it is VERY distracting. The screen tearing invokes memories of Aliens: Colonial Marines I’ve been trying to block out, lol. Is this just something Gearbox in general has an issue with?

The offset ADS during split-screen is making it a chore to play this game. Which is a damn shame, because outside of those two issues the game is amazing.

people on xbox one…i have noticed that since i disconnected my kinect that my screen tearing on the pre sequel has improved…i have only been playing like that a little while now and it could all come crashing back to reality if it starts happening a lot again…i got the idea because i heard a while back that the kinect lowers the quality of the game…worth a try for XB1 people

I don’t even have a Kinect and the screen tearing is still hideous. Just sayin.