Is the screen tearing something a patch could fix?

Not true. Whoever told ya that was BS’in ya.

I don’t have a Kinect.

yeah i dont have kinect either and screen tearing is really bad. Really wish we could get an update on this soon!

i agree…im sure it was posted somewhere about they are working on “fixing” the FPS/Tearing…but it has been rather quiet since regarding any updated news :frowning:

I don’t know if they will fix it but I know for a fact it can be fixed. I remember when titanfall launched it had a ton of screen tearing too and they fixed it with a patch. It doesn’t bother me that much but it’d be nice if they fixed it.

this isnt really gearboxs fault, well it is, but they didnt actually develop or port these games to ps4. they seem to have outsourced it so that is why its so bad, the same thing happened with aliens the game wasnt really developed by gearbox an was jus overseen from what i can tell. when gearbox actually makes a game properly themselves its usually not that bad. bl2 when it first came out was pretty decent still.

i reckon if gearbox had done the “port” themselves properly the games would be pretty good. but they likely didnt have time hence why they keep outsourcing their stuff. its really not doing their reputation any good tho. i mean first duke nukem, then A:CM an now handsome collection. i think gbx needs to start doing more themselves to ensure the products they release under their name are consistently good quality and are up to gbx’s “usual” standards. ( as it is their usual standards are slipping quit a bit from their last few releases. yea stuff can be patched but the time it takes to fix stuff its usually too late by then as a lot of customers have already experienced the issues an the damage is already done.

it should defo be fixable via a patch. the pre sequels fps is ridiculous considering its supposed to be 60 fps. bl2 isnt that bad, its actually pretty decent wot ive played so far. the screen tearing for me i only notice in cut scenes in the tps.

As far as I’m concerned, if they slap their logo on the box, they get to assume responsibility for their products. I don’t care if they outsourced it, they are flaunting it as their release, so it’s on them.

After the A:CM debacle, I’d really, REALLY hate to hear that funds and developers were being pulled away from BL projects onto yet another property, considering that’s how BL got off the ground to begin with. I love the BL games, so I’m willing to play through the screen tearing and ADS issues. But, I don’t see myself putting the time into this re-release that I did on BL2 originally.


I’m afraid it ends as with BL2 on PS Vita, which after 2 updates wobbly, the game is unplayable and there is no any update and it dropped the players who have purchased the game.

It’s worse than on ps3/360.

Well to be fair the vita wasn’t that popular so I’m not surprised it didn’t get that much support. Kind of like how most third party developers don’t t support the wii u version of their own games.

I hope they say something soon about it. Yeah its not “game breaking” and on BL2 its barely there but on the PRE-SEQUEL its AWFUL. I never played the PRE SEQUEL so this is not setting me up for a good IMPRESSION. Hear that GEARBOX?

Having Kinect or not having Kinect doesn’t matter unless the manufacturers take advantage of the latest patch that freed up some of the Gpu normally reserved for Kinect there won’t be a difference.

This is probably why the Xbox one version has seemingly more of a problem than the ps4 version though neither are flawless.

The team has made a lot of headway into the screen tearing issues and is looking to incorporate these fixes into the next update.


AWESOME!!! Thank you! Now I can sit back and enjoy it!

Thank you very much for the update. Glad to see it’s not being pushed aside like I feared. :smile:

Now THIS is wha i wanted to hear, i pre downloaded on xb1 to carry on from where we (me n gf) left of in TPS. We only stopped playing to wait for the re-release, and was then highly dissapointed, from there we lost interest as it was no better than the 360 version, as i should be. Hope this isn’tthe longest wait ever :slight_smile:

I read that Randy Pitchford just said release the game, knowing full well that Claptastic Voyage wasn’t even ready, hence the enormous day 1 patch. Makes you wonder what else they knew was wrong with the HC, but released it anyway?! IMO, its too easy for companies to release broken games these days, knowing that they can patch it via the intraweb, some time down the line. . . .
Call me old-fashioned, but I remember when you spent £50 of your hard earned on a game and it worked right out of the box!
I read someone on the forum say “It’s like a really good looking beta version”. I have to agree, but it should also be a beta price. . . . .

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That is why most people wait , from there friends on the word of mouth, now days. for video games , why keep letting games companies rip you off. When got the right network of friends to decide if it for you or not , i will say there games some people think are garbage that are amazing . but it all about taste for the game genre.

Ya i think most everyone agrees they SHOULD HAVE optimized the game better before launch no doubt its all about the MONEY… but them trying to RIP US OFF is a little strong. If they were trying to rip us off they wouldnt be trying to fix the issues at ALL. Just sayin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all of the BL games from day one. I bought an xbox 1 just to play the handsome collection, coz I love it. I expected it to be ( it should be!) even better than the 360 version, but I’ve been bitterly disappointed, so far. The 360 version seemed pretty sorted by comparison. . . .