Is the size of the Patch 2.79 gig?

Is this patch 4.79 gig ? My bandwidth is not great live in rural area. I meant 4.79 gig

On epic I will be 2 days downloading that on steam about 4 and half hours… What did they change to add so much…

They need a way to let you play while the darn thing downloads… Flitter!

You have 37 days to finish Bloody harvest.
don’t worry.

I am just frustrated I had a little bit of time to play, and got slammed with this Patch, so No I won’t be playing… I hope it will be worth the wear and tear on my system to stay on so long.

I do think they should let the darn patch download in the back ground while you play, and then let you know it’s ready… I just wanted a little R&R… And I got this…

Can you chose to play without it? I can on ps4 and then it just dls in the background. Only drawback is you cant use online features untill it is patched.

its worthy patch . its improve performance . and some load and clarity even many ppl include me feel its just very little bit improve. but its good start .

Naw, as best I can tell Epic just fired it up and all other choices are gone. I got it just now.
Epic has this thing where it will fail, and wipe and start over at zero a lot… :frowning: did not do it so much this time.

Do I get more Bank?

No point in farming if I ain’t got no where to put anything.

You can make mules. Its easy on pc.

LOL… Load my save up with useless characters to weed through… Great

I have at least 23 mules on bl2 lol. Got gear for anything i come across.