Is the storytelling in Handsome Jackpot better?

For me, the pre-sequel still has the best storytelling in the franchise and the Claptrap Voyage is the best DLC I’ve ever played in any game (with Dragon Keep close behind). I really miss how they satisfyingly connect everything in pre-sequel. No need to say that the writing in BL3 is a bit disappointing. Is it getting better in the DLC? I just started it and it looks promising. What do you guys think about it? No spoiler please.

I indeed felt that the dlc was better written than the core game, though I felt they were a bit pushing it with the whole Handsome Jack business in some dialogues in the sense it almost felt like an auto parody.

Better than the main story, but still way worse than Claptastic Voyage (best dlc) or TTAoDK.

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I don’t think the story itself is necessarily better, but I think it’s got a better focus on its characters.

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agree. the story definitely doesn’t try to be as deep, but characters were definitely more enjoyable/accurate to how they’re established.

Everything about the DLC was better

Smaller, denser maps with no vehicles
No annointed enemies to suck the fun out
Better side characters and villain
Loaders are fun as hell to fight
Really imaginative locations (Compactor, impound)
All new legendaries are awesome and powerful

Just an all around improvement over base game

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The characters have always been the driving force of what makes borderland’s stories entertaining, and the characters are great in Jackpot.


As someone who has done every mission in the dlc 7 times (I know, but I have to get that sweet full mission log on both playthroughs for 4 characters), I have to say that a lot of story elements have serious plot contrivances that you just need to not think too hard about.

The story starts falling apart when you begin to think about what these people are eating and other things like what happened to the other winning hands? Why cant Pretty Boy get the hands off the bodies of the many other dead doppelgangers on the station? How has it taken him 8 years to finally have a chance at catching Timothy on a relatively small space station?

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