Is the takedown scaling now?

Why bother to have an official borderlands 3 news forum if I am expected to run to twitter to find out game info? No honestly. This is something that has always cheesed me off. You have a news feed on your forums use them guys.

(Obviously not directed at the person who put up the tweet.)


I checked just to be sure it wasn’t on this forum, and it isn’t. Sad. I agree, too many forums rely on posting anywhere BUT on their forum as it relates to relevant news. Bungie/Destiny is notorious for doing this.


While not posted by GMs there was a post about it. OP I actually thought everything was scaled when I tried solo. I most definitely noticed something unusual in my run. Deathspheres are no longer so passive. These things were highly aggressive and tried flanking me every minute or so. Not sure if the 2 are related but who knows. I should add it was my first time running as Green Monster and had Wotan down to about half life.

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Crazy thing is that I saw this article about it from Forbes before I heard about the Twitter announcement.

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I really dislike that guy, he’s always shoving his opinion into every other sentence. Is unbiased journalism still a thing?


Was a patch that changed deathspheres in the takedown making them more aggressive and mobile while having less shield and armor


I found out on the forum here, I dont do any form of social media, but if they were pushing paid dlc that stuff would be everywhere, when its a bad reflection on them the silence is deafening

thank you, i keep finding his articles in regards to BL3 and I just always expect a bunch of hate tossed the game’s way, no real point in even reading his articles if you recognize his name you know it’s just gonna be an article trashing the game


Oh, OK. I just tried the Takedown and got messed up pretty badly, was about to call bs on the player scaling thing.

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I did the takedown yesterday for about 8 hours so just to let you know if you think that it comes with better loot than I have some bad news for you. I waited for the event to start which got canceled because of issues so got the team together to see how bad the drop rates in the takedown could be, after 8 hours of game play , not one kyb’s worth dropped during the final boss fight with Wotan. You are going to beat yourself up getting to the final boss just to be let down on the drops that you can get in the open world. Yes , you can say you beat it but I would just stop because the grind for weapon drops are just not in the takedown.


I can’t get very far in it by myself…laughing…

I saw a video illustrating that each piece of Wotan, if attacked (melee I think) exploded with loot. I haven’t gotten that far. Maybe you already knew this? Here’s hoping if you spent hours at it.

Any news regarding game modes, like the potential change to the Takedown, should be highlighted on every single section of this forum the first time you log on, where you can then elect to not have it pop back up again. How hard would that be to do? I come here every single day but do not go searching out news or game sites for my specific game content. Seems most forum sites chose to have their game news on Twitter or anywhere else besides where it should start out.

I’ve heard the same thing. I’ve posted in other threads but it just blows my mind that GB didn’t add new loot to their end game content. It’s as it they don’t talk to each other before releasing this stuff. They have to know as a gamer playing brand new content that the one thing they want is new and specific loot for taking the time to complete the event. It seriously makes no sense. I want to hear it from GB as to why they didn’t do this.

Ran with a solid pug group on M1 got a really nice Kyb (I like 2 different element strengths fire/corrosion etc). I am really enjoying M1 & M2 just for the combat. Folks are starting to really get into the flow of battle. A Vladof Green Monster build is a ■■■■■ ton of fun. Solo runs are still frustrating if only because shielded bosses can still attack you even though they should be heading to their perch.

Or maybe put it in the news banner in the game as well as here.

Guess posting in here is a waste of time. GB does not even come here for anything but major patch noted it seems.

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I’ve read some of his stuff that follows pretty close to what people are posting on the forums. He also whines a tooon.

Sooooooo… Is it working yet>?

Wow. I just felt they were incompetent programmers who are as likely to break something as they are to fix it.

You however just called them flat out morons who didn’t know that scaling from 4 players to 1 would make the game easier. That is what you intended right? To say that they didn’t know that scaling from 4 players to 1 would make the game easier, or is it you who didn’t realize that far more people than just you all by yourself actually want that?

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