Is the Terror anointment remaining beyond the event?

Is the plan to have this remain beyond the event ending in December?
If so, is there going to be a way to gain the Terror effect beyond getting lucky enough to get a trinket or grenade with the Terror generator effect>?
We might be able to integrate the effect into viable builds.
But only with a confirmed way to self generate Terror stacks beyond the event ending…
Guess I would like to know GB plan…
Is there a plan…
Or no plan so we can dump all the Terror anointment gear taking up our already limited space…
Anything official I may have missed or can someone offer clarity… Thanks!

You can get gear or weapons to grant yourself terror. One anointment is after action skill use you get a stack of terror every 5 seconds for 18 seconds duration. The additional anointment is you get a stack of terror after meleeing an enemy. It will be here after the event completion Dec 5th

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Not to mention the fact that assuming you have applied Terror the weapons and gear that give you the other Terror bonuses will also be sticking around.

As long as the stupid friggin ghosts go away after the 5th. They’re a pain in the ass and having them appear on ALL CHARACTERS EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T TALKED TO MAURICE YET is really frustrating.

Until they add a hotfix option to turn them off (or only start appearing once you talk to Maurice and activate the quest) I’m playing a different game. I got tired of the ghosts/terror “feature” pretty early in to the Bloody Harvest quest, but finished it up because why not. Imagine my surprise and annoyance when they kept appearing in the main game after beating Haunt and turning in the quest. The “offiline” method doesn’t work so I switched back to my lv 50 Siren (main) to progress TVHM further and THE GHOSTS ARE THERE TOO EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN’T SPOKEN TO MAURICE WITH AMARA YET! meh