Is the vault opened without a vault key in TPS?!?

So here is my concern, the vault in TPS is just kind of… open? When you (the vault hunters) get to the vault at the end of the game there is no where to put a key. There never was a key mentioned as far as I am aware, Even though Zarpedon had already opened the vault (somehow), why would it still be open? So many questions can be asked here if anyone knows the answer PLEASE answer this will drive me bonkers in left without an answer. Let’s see what you’ve got Borderlands lovers!

The lost legion did alot of work and drilling to open that vault. Who knows how long it took or how they got it opened. But once its opened how would they be able to shut it? I dont think they can. Zarpedon and the lost legion got some crazy powers and spent time down there with the eridian creatures and what not. So i don’t think they ever intended on closing it or had any reason to.

But if they drilled through to it, wouldn’t that mean that actually there’s no need for a Vault Key?

I think it was opened by the intervention of The Watcher. Dunno though.

Nevermind if there was a key or not - a huge oversight - apparently Lilith can teleport in and out of its location on a whim and nobody blinks an eye. So she should have done that from the very beginning and saved everyone a whole lot of trouble, the way I see it.

The giant floating, pink, horse ■■■■ statue which transports you ‘inside’ to the vault, wherever that is I always assumed was a kind of key. How is it activated? Is it always? We don’t know.

Did Zarpedon even see the same things Jack did? Her pink mascara implies that maybe she did. Maybe knowledge of the vault affects people in different ways.

In part of the narration, Lilith is asked how she could do precisely that, and she answers to the effect that maybe the sentinel allowed her too.

On the access to the vault, I think that’s covered in one of Zarpedon’s echo logs (either the first or second you come across) which mentions the mining operation triggering a “crackening” and purple fumes and stuff.

So yes, probably there was/is a key somewhere, but Dahl (and therefore Jack and co.) created another way.

Ha, good question. I guess I’d have to go with the Crackening as well, they just sorta drilled their way in and then it couldn’t be shut. Well, maybe it could but they just abandoned the operation and left everyone down there.

Had another thought about this:

Both the vaults in BL1 and BL2 were effectively prisons. In both cases, it was possible to reach the vault (and, in BL2, get inside the inner chamber), but the key was needed to release the creature detained inside the vault (the Destroyer and Warrior, respectively.)

The vault in TPS, however, was not a prison but a repository of knowledge - essentially, a library. Access therefore required either proving yourself worthy somehow (Zarpedon gets taken to the vault and shown the contents) or defeating the security (the vault hunters). So, no key necessary in this case, but it DID require a couple of Guardians.

^^^ I love this answer! I will be playing through this game again and listening carefully to echos to see if maybe I just missed something.